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A Unique City With a Central European Style
VILLA GENERAL BELGRANO is situated in Calamuchita Valley, Province of Cordoba, in central Argentina. It is a small Argentine town full of German, Austrian, Swiss and Italian reminiscences that can be easily found in town typical festivals, delicacies and costumes. The European influence derives from the  arrival in the ’30 of  a large wave of central European immigrants.

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In December 2000, UNESCO declared this historical centre a World Heritage Site, stating the following: “The historical center of Arequipa is an example of ornamented architecture, represents a masterpiece of the creative coalition of European and native characteristics. A colonial town challenged by the conditions of nature, the indigenous influences, the conquest process and evangelism as well as for a spectacular natural scenario. Arequipa is surrounded by spectacular mountains, including the volcano El Misti. A feature of the city is its many beautiful buildings made of a light-colored volcanic rock called sillar,that’s why it’s also called the “White city”.  Photo: A detail of the façade of the Jesuit Church.

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Every major city in Peru has taxis and they are available in abundance and are not so expensive. It is not uncommon for travelers, particularly in groups, to use a cab to get from one town to another, since the fare, when divided, is often not more expensive than a minibus, and the ride considerably more comfortable. However there are no meters and fares are to be fixed before the ride. Passengers must always negotiate the price of a taxi or mototaxi ride with the driver before entering the vehicle.  This is very important, because if driver and passenger are not settled on the price, the passenger might find him or herself paying much more than necessary for the ride.In order to get advantage of taxis service, to feel safe and enjoy the view outside the window, it’s important to check few information before leaving!

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Views 31 Oct Testimonial from the Colca Canyon Excursion by Dos Manos Travel Agency
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we would liAnna-Maria, Timo Kumpulainen, Anitta and Antero Koistineke to thank you for all your help with our plans in Peru this month. You’re help was priceless. Our whole trip was fantastic and we were amazed about everything that we saw and experienced. We were taken by the Peruvians hospitality and kindness. What can we say, Peru is perfect and we hope to visit it again soon!! All of us would love to thank the people that were with us at the Colca Canyon tour. Our tour guide Henry was the best we have had as he was so excited about everything in that area and he was very knowledgeable. He made our trip a lot very interesting and we learned a lot of new things. Our driver was also great!!I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND DOS MANOS!!! So thank you, Vanise, and everyone who has been there to help us with our trip. ”

Sincerely: Anna-Maria, Timo Kumpulainen, Anitta and Antero Koistine from Finland.

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As writer Jose Maria Arguedas named it, the river has in its diverse geographical zones torrential and abundant rivers. Peru is rapidly becoming one of the world’s premier destinations for whitewater rafting. Several of its rivers are rated in the world’s top ten. It’s not just the adreline rush of big rapids that attract, it’s the whole experience of accessing remote and amazing locations that make Peruvian whitewater rivers so attractive: spectaculer mile deep canyons, giant smootly eroded granite rocks, wildlife like giant otters, deers, mighty condors and even jaguars. The difficulty of the rapids is evaluated according to a scale that goes from class I to VI. Here there is a list of places where you can enjoy this fun and amazing sport.

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Views 31 Oct Argentine best spots for rafting
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Argentina offers some wonderful whitewater rafting opportunities, ranging from grade II through to IV, offering exciting rides through magnificent scenery. For the people who love water and water adventure Argentina is the right destination. The most popular routes are on the turbulent Rio Mendoza, cutting through mountain gorges, on the Rio Manso through the southern part of the Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi and on the Hua Hum river.

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A town called Villa General Belgrano in the Córdoba Province , central argentina, has an Oktoberfest that is well-known and the biggest in the country.
This year the National Beer Festival  will took place from the 3rd to the 13th of October and will celebrate the 45° edition, continuing a tradition started in the ’60 by the European immigrants that live in this town, mainly of German origin.  The event has traditionally been held in the Villa General Belgrano town square, Plaza José Hernández and by 1996, it was moved onto the beer garden. Time passed and the beer industry developed remarkably and with it, the Oktoberfest grew and began to summon more than 50,000 people in the latest issues.

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Between the 15th and the 31st of October 2008 Peru will celebrate the Señor de los Milagros (the Lord of Miracles) who is the patron saint of Lima. Every year in October thousands of devotees carry to the streets of Lima the painting of Señor de los Milagros, also known as the Purple Christ, between the Church of Las Nazarenas to the Church of La Merced in Barrios Altos. The painting is reputed to have been created by an Angolan slave in 1651 on a wall where the church of Las Nazarenas stands. Despite irreparable damage being done to the surrounding area of the Church of Las Nazarenas over the centuries – including an earthquake in 1746 which levelled the surrounding buildings – the painting survived.

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