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A Unique City With a Central European Style
VILLA GENERAL BELGRANO is situated in Calamuchita Valley, Province of Cordoba, in central Argentina. It is a small Argentine town full of German, Austrian, Swiss and Italian reminiscences that can be easily found in town typical festivals, delicacies and costumes. The European influence derives from the  arrival in the ’30 of  a large wave of central European immigrants.

FESTIVALS.Oktoberfest. The most important festival in town is hailed as the third-most important Oktoberfest site after Munich in Germany and Blumenau in Brazil. This year Villa General Belgrano will celebrate the 45° edition of  the Oktoberfest, continuing a tradition started in the ’60 by the European immigrants, mainly of German origin. For beers lovers it’s almost a duty to stop to a home brewed beer factory. You can choose between two main Cervecerias, the Fabrica de Cerveza artesanal viejo Munich and Cerveceria Brunnen.

Alpine Chocolate festival 
Alpine Chocolate festival  (Month of July) Since 1985 this mountainous town saw itself surrounded by a particular aroma of hot chocolate and colourful dresses in order to celebrate a festivity that goes back to the ’30 when immigrants from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy arrived in town with their own cultural baggage of pastry and gastronomy dishes giving a little European taste to the native meals.

The host/tourist day festival. Celebrated in the mid of August all over the Calamuchita Valley but in special way in Villa General Belgrano. It has been 25 years since the local Hotel Association with the storekeepers collaboration and the Municipality promote a day of festivity for the visitors in town in order to thank them for choosing Villa Belgrano as one of their destination. In this particular day, storekeepers smothe with attention the tourist public offering discounts and a unique kindness. The tourist will be also delighted with dances, music and the home brewed beer offered free of charge by the municipality of the town.

EXCURSION La Cumbrecita. About=> It ‘s a small picturesque alpine-like hamlet  at 1450 m.a.s.l.
Tourism started in 1937 with the first visitors making their way to the hidden town. Around 1940, the first private homes were built and the town slowly acquired the Tirolés character that defines it today.
EXCURSION La Cumbrecita
Populated by central European immigrants, it ‘s reminiscent of the small German towns of the fifteenth century. This small town is around 40 km to the west of Villa General Belgrano and 118 km from the city of Córdoba.  Curiosity => Nowadays, it shows its visitors how to follow the steps of a firm innovative tradition, being the first pedestrian village in Argentina. The communal authorities declared the zone a protected environment and as of 1996 a “Pedestrian Town”. Visitors must park their cars in the parking lot before the town entrance and then walk along the stone-paved streets. Activities => The town is focused on eco-tourism. Ideal place for trekking, horseback riding, walks and safaris photographs. The Mineral Museum has a large gem and mineral collection from all over the world. Finally tourist can relax in one of the town teahouses specialized in Apfelstrudel, Chocolate and Viennese cakes.

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