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It is not difficult to understand why so many honeymooners choose Iguazu as their destination: a visit of these 2,7 kilometers wide (!) waterfalls provoke such intense emotions, that nothing beats sharing the experience with your loved one.  So, when we were planning our honeymoon to South America, we decided this spot could not be missed. And we would not regret it…

From Buenos Aires we took the plane to Iguazu, Argentina, from where we were taken to our wonderful hotel, right at the Three Borders Landmark, where the Iguazu and Panama rivers merge. Impressive views guaranteed!

To fully experience Iguazu and its national park, you need two days: one to visit the Argentinean side and one (actually half a day) to visit the Brazilian side.  We started off at the Argentinean side. 80% of the waterfalls (there are 275 in total) are located here. The  National Park here is amazing and rough. Here, you really “feel” the waterfalls, as many tracks lead you right above, beneath and along the falls. The “Green Trail”, a walk through the forest, the “Lower Circuit”, the path that leads you into the heart of the falls and the “Upper Circuit”, a walk through the upper falls area, are all truly wonderful.

But the best spot is surely the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat). Here, water from a horse shoe shaped platform falls into a deep gorge. The height of the fall is more than 80 meters. ..When we arrived at the platform, after a walk of 1 km. over a catwalk, we were struck by the intensity of these falls. The sound of the water clashing is impressive, and the power of the fall is so strong that it is “raining” the whole time at the platform. First we were wearing our raincoats but soon we took them off to enjoy the shower!

It is especially nice to watch the small fall-birds called “vencejos” throwing themselves in the throat, parallel to the fall. Due to the constant mist it is impossible to see the bottom of the fall and therefore it seems as if the birds become one with the water.

A definite must for the adventurous spirits is “The Great Adventure”, a tour on a rubber boat on the Iguazú River.  We had already seen the boats from the track above earlier, and we started to feel somewhat nervous with the idea we would make the same trip. The adrenaline started flowing heavily when we took the rapids of the river at high speed, but the best was yet to come… the captain told us to hold on tight and started approaching the waterfalls up to a distance of only a few meters! The boat moving heavily, the water splashing around us, again this overwhelming sound  of the water falling down… what an experience!

After this exciting first day in Iguazu we were eager to get to know the Brazilian Park.  The next day, we were picked up early and crossed the border Iguazu-Foc de Iguacu. The Brazilian National Park at Foc de Iguacu is much more modern than the Argentinean park, and more focused on the tourist.

Here, there is just one, long, track that goes along the river, from where you have a beautiful panoramic view over the Argentinean falls.  At the end of the track, an impressive catwalk allows you to get right at the lower base of the Garganta del Diablo. Another shower but this time the water was really splashing everywhere around us.

After the catwalk we took the elevator from the river level to the road, a final opportunity  to catch some beautiful views. Unfortunately here the excursion had come to an end, as we had to go to the bus station to catch the bus back to Buenos Aires. We did not mind at all the long journey back, as the bus was comfortable and relaxing, and we had just experienced nature at his very best.

Thank you DOS MANOS for your help in arranging this unforgettable experience!!

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  1. It was one of my dream to visit Iguazu falls. Hopefully if I can find a travel agency that has good offer (less expensive) I might try going there this year.

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