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Views 02 Feb Some biased images of Bolivia
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I´m a ceaseless traveler, so staying in Cusco for over 3 months seemed a bit of a torture for me. I had to travel. And so, I went to a neighbouring country, a country of Che Guevara, Morales, Bolivar and coca leaves – Bolivia. The trip was an interesting experience itself.Some biased images of Bolivia
I went by bus, which takes about 11 hours from Cusco to La Paz. The border between Peru and Bolivia has to be crossed on foot, which basically means that you have to take off your bus, then stand in a long queue of natives and tourists, go through 3 checkpoints, get your stamp in the passport, and after that get on your bus again to continue the trip. After a couple of hours you´re safely in the administrative capital of the country. The city overwhelms you with its contrasts. On one side you can see shanty town, shabby houses built in a great hurry, and on the other side sky scrapers shredding a nice blue sky. The city centre amazes with its architecture ranging from 18th century villas until modern and smartly looking buildings, shining on you from above.

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