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Aliens, dark memories and folklore in the Cordoban mountains

If you visit Buenos Aires during the hot summer months, the heat and pollution can sometimes be a little too much. Why not then go for a short trip to the mountains near Cordoba for some air a tad cleaner and cooler. This area hosts a number of small towns popular among Argentineans as holiday destinations, and there are a lot of different things to see and do .

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The town of Capilla del Monte lies at the foot of Mount Uritorco, reaching slightly less than 2000 meters above sea level. There are hotels and swimming pools in the town, but it is the mountain that attracts many visitors, due to its supposedly extra high levels of energy and that it has been visited by extraterrestrials…Supernatural or not, alien landing site or not, the scenery of the mountain is very beautiful none the less, both to look at from a distance and as an area for hiking. And one may also find the many salespersons and shops offering various new age items such as crystals and talismans quite entertaining as well.

La Falda is a town that is surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful little valleys. A lot of different species of animals and plants can be found here, some of the less appealing kind, beware of snakes and scorpions! But that aside, La Falda is very inviting nonetheless.

However, this little town resides on some dark memories. The original hotel, which the city was later built around, Hotel Eden, was a safe haven for German Nazis during and after World War II. Apparently they were attracted by the scenery of the surroundings and wanted to create a utopian “Eden” outside of Germany. Today the hotel is in very bad condition; it was closed in the early 1960s and has been left to decay since. However, restoration projects have begun and guided tours are now offered. Efforts are also being made to recover items of the hotel lost in the looting that followed its closing.

For visitors looking for good Argentinean music and are in the area between 24th and 31st of January, a good suggestion is to visit the town of Cosquin that hosts an annual folklore festival. Folklore is traditional Argentinean music and some of the popular artists were banned of performing during the military regime. This is thus music that is very emotional to many Argentineans. Be sure to get tickets in time, since some evenings may be sold out.

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