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Unique opportunity to learn about the Inca people in amazing scenery in the Ausangate region (Cusco)

DOS MANOS PERU offers this unique three day trip for all people really interested in Peruvian culture. “Quylloriti” is a quechua word and means “Snowstar” or “Shining Snow.” This is an old religious procession, a pilgrimage, only practiced by the inhabitants of the big Andes. The ritual, associated with the fertility of the land and the worship of Apus (the spirits of the mountains), forms part of the greatest festival of native Indian nations in the hemisphere.

Participate in the traditional pelgrimage of Qoylluriti

Every year all the small village or clans of this zone send a delegation with colorful dancers and “pauluchas” to the Capilla del Senor Qoylloriti, situated at the foot of the mountain Sinakara, at 4600 meters above sea level, at approx. 300 kilometers from the city of Cusco. Qoylluriti is an important manifestation of religiosity in the Andes where you can observe the he blending of Spanish and Indigenous elements  (the Apus or “mountain-gods” and the crosses).

Participate in the traditional pelgrimage of Qoylluriti

Los “pauluchas” represent the alpacas and are intermediares between the Sir Qoylloriti and his men. Therefore they climb at 4 o’clock in the morning the gletzjer Sinikara, while they ask for a grow of their groups of animals. During the festival,  the people who partipate in the prosession praise our Nuestra Senora de Fatima and aks for good luck in business, life and future. A group of hefty queros, members of what is probably Peru’s purest Quechua community, dress up as “pabluchas” and set out for the mountaintop, at 6,362 meters in search of the Snow Star which is reputedly buried within the mountain. On their way back down to their communities, they haul massive blocks of ice on their backs for the symbolic irrigation of their lands with holy water from the Ausangate. The end of the procession takes place at the ancient Inca capital of Cusco with the celebrations of Corpus Christi a week after, when the streets fill with people and the squares filled with music and color.

On the first day – June 8th 2009 – we depart by bus at 08:00 P.M. and arrive at approximately 12.00 pm in the village of Maguallani. From there we go to Qoylloritti. We will participate in the pelgrimige for approx. 4 hours, in the light of the moon in a procession together with more than 10,000 pilgrims devoted to Sir Qoylloriti accompanied by all sorts of dancers in full costume (chauchos, qollas, pabluchas or ukukus) portray various mythical characters.. The crowd takes a purification bath which is needed in order to enter a spiritual dimension where both the energy of deities and men join.

Participate in the traditional pelgrimage of Qoylluriti

In the meanwhile, we will arrive at our campsite around 3:00am where we can relax and get some sleep. Next day, we participate in the daily mass early in the morning and then we start our hike towards the holy mountain of Qoylloriti, where we will observe all the ancient rites and customs that the people put in practice at the altitude of 4, 800 meters above sea level till late at night.  We will be back in Cusco the 10th around 4.00pm.

Departure: June 8th at 7.00 pm
Transportation, camping equipment and a guide are all included in this trip.

Please contact us  to reserve your spot NOW!

There is a 5% discount for early bookings (before May 10th!).

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