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Are you like many others who think that Monday is the most boring night of the week? Well, if you are in Buenos Aires, you will be sorely mistaken. If you head up to Cultural Center Konex Monday nights will become your favorite night of the week. Your week will begin with rhythm, dance and loads of energy.

La Bomba de Tiempo

This is a tribal party where sounds come mostly from the drums and the added elements of dance music. La Bomba de Tiempo is a tropical cocktail with a mix of Indian, Moroccan, Brazilian, Argentinean and African sounds.

The drummers rely on their director to help co-ordinate with the unique mass of sounds. More than just conducting, he generates specific individual reactions amongst the musicians. It is in this way that the composition is transformed into a live improvisation which sounds great and is a lot of fun!

La Bomba de Tiempo

The Cultural Center Konex has space for over 500 people and every week is quite crowded. Although Monday evenings are not usually the night to head out and dance, magic happens here with the crowds at Bomba de Tiempo. As soon as the drummers rip out their first rhythms, the crowd starts to smile, sing along and dance. As you watch others around you embracing the music, you soon find yourself jumping and shaking your hips along with all the rest.

Start the week like this and once it calms down around 10 p.m the idea of returning weekly will help you get through the rest of your work week!


When? Every Monday at 19.30
Where? Cultural Center Konex- Sarmiento 3131
How to get there? Subway B Station Calos Gardel
Price? 10 pesos/3.50 dollar

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    Gavin @ Travel Adventures 

    I planning a trip to Buenos Aires in september and your site has just got me all exited, I will deiffenently be visiting the Cultural Koenx Center or whtever its called, sounds like my cup of tea :-).

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    karaoke Hantula 

    I love the passion you put into your writing

  3. This is a great post

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