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From Salta we drove through the Calchaquies Valleys to Cachi. This is a beautiful little town with only 5254 inhabitants, situated on 2.280 meter height at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The town itself is lovely, but the most spectacular thing about it, is the trip to Cachi. It is breathtaking! The mountains are so beautiful with all their different colors and shapes. You feel like Lucky Luke, all alone on the prairie. For one moment you see cacti all around you and for the next there is only rocky landscape for as far as you can see. After about a 4 hour drive you arrive in cute little Cachi.

When you take a walk around the old centre of Cachi, you can sit down and relax at the main plaza, here you can get a good cup of coffee at Café Oliver or and you should taste some wine at the bodega just behind the church. There is also great jewelry workshop; the owner loves to explain about the different stones he used and shows beautiful pictures of the neighborhood. For dinner we went to a tiny little restaurant, with no name and no signs, at the left of the museum. The cook/owner/waiter is very passionate about his food and music and it felt like eating in his living room. Excellent!

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