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As we needed more adrenaline in our blood, we decided to fly to Rurrenabaque to see Piranhas, turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, cobras, spiders, tapirs, kakadus and lots of other crazy animals.

Rurrenabaque is a smaller town in the North of Bolivia, on the Beni River. Lately it has become more popular with international tourism as it is an easy gateway for visits to Madidi National Park (within the Bolivian rainforest), as well as the surrounding pampas. Locals commonly refer to the town by its shortened nickname, “Rurre”.

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Views 09 Nov Trip to Latin America: a travelers dream
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Latin America has always been a budget conscious travelers dream visit and vacation. With the low prices and system of bargaining it has become a place of luxury and relaxation. For example meals are half of what they are in North America and in Europe. Yes it is possible to go to a McDonald’s here and only spend $5. Most Hotels and Hostels are more glamorous than initial expectations would have you believe.

Trip to Latin America: a travelers dream

They may not be five star accommodations such as a jacuzzi or swimming pools but they are clean, comfortable and the service is warm hearted. Frankly when you are traveling you want something that is at least as comfortable as your own house regardless of how long you are traveling and I would say you get that in Latin America. It feels good to splurge some here! Weither its on meals or spa and massage treatments, its worth it. You can receive a hour long massage here in Peru for only $7 US dollars. As an American I can say with 100% of confidence that there is no place in the United States where you can receive those same services for that price. Even your significant other would ask for more money if they werent already doing it for free! As a traveler even if you are concerned about your level of spending regardless of the currency, here your saving money because brands and services arent inflated here and the most money you spend you have actually spent because it was for the plane ticket.

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Paracas is a coastal town in Peru, at a four hour bus drive from Lima , that offers some of the most beautiful photographic scenes in my most recent memory. You can take a bus ride to the national reserve to observe the desert, museum, and restaurants located within secret places along its rocky coast. You can also take a boat ride to observe the islands that host millions of birds and thousands of sea lions. It makes for a very romantic scene for couples and friends.
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