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While I am far from well traveled in the land of the Argentines, my time in Mendoza and Salta brought new depth to my experience in and understanding of South America.

When it comes to Mendoza, I can tell you, everything you have heard is true. Yes, Mendoza is the wine capital of the world. (O.K. so maybe it´s not the wine capital of the world but we can at least classify it as the Malbec capital, Porque No?). Yes, it´s gorgeous. And yes, you probably will spend the majority of your time a bit intoxicated. If you are looking for a changes of scene from the busy city scape, Mendoza is thus, an ideal place.Whether you´re headed north or South, to Chile, Bolivia, or Peru, Mendoza is a wonderful place to; stop by for a couple of days or even a week.

Reasons to visit MendozaGiven its immense reputation, the size of Mendoza is in fact quite small. There are about two or three streets for going out and one main plaza with a fair on the weekends. But never fear, there is much to do in the territory of wine. Indeed, though the city of Mendoza has its limitations, the surrounding vineyards of the Campo provided endless means of enjoyment and relaxation.

It is generally agreed that one of the major highlights in Mendoza is the wine biking tour. Every day of the week, morning, afternoon, or evening, you can sign up or just show up for a tour. Let me shed some light on the basics.1. You rent a bike 2. Ride around to the different wineries and oliveries 3. Give your palate a run for its money as you taste the various local goods. With a pay as you go system, you get to decided how hedonistic you want to be. For some the bike ride back is a blurry memory of obscurity, while others it fares better. Whether or not, you enjoy what it feels like to be drunk. This tour provides is a highly accessible means of exploring the diverse and tasty wines of this region.

Reasons to visit SaltaMy time in Salta, though a very different experience, claims one central commonality with that of Mendoza: its laid back character. Indeed in more ways than one, Salta alllows the mind and body to truly descansar. What might I mean by this. To begin with everything here is a about half the pace then in BA. People take their time drinking coffee and walking to work. Furthermore unlike the heavy humidity of the city, Salta climate is one of dry, sunshine: the perfect climate for lying out by the pool, or sipping an espresso in the central plaza.

While my experience in Salta was a bit atypical to as I stayed with a friend, and reaped the benefits of having a local guide,  it is easy for me to understand why people come to this great province and city. Famous for its Empanadas, Tamales, and Humitas, Salta offers a variety of lovely plates from the campo. If food is not your thing, or you concerned about putting on the pounds, don´t worry. Salta is not just famous for its empanadas, but for its outdoor activities as well. From white water rafting, to trekking the colorful mountains of the North. Your time can easily be filled with test of endurance and strength. With its multifaceted character, it is difficult to find yourself bored in Salta.

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