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Day 2 of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu started out with an early morning breakfast. Again, the food was delicious – fresh fruit, omelettes, toast, hot chocolate and porridge! After breakfast our guide introduced us to all the porters and we introduced ourselves to all of them and then got a great group photo. The porters are the men who carry all our food, tents and other provisions. As you hike the trail, you see them whiz past you to set up the next camp before your arrival. On the second day you have the option to hire an extra porter to carry your backpack since it is the toughest day. I definitely took advantage of this option!

Inca Trail Peru-Day 2

Day 2 was meant to be the hardest day. We had to climb the highest pass. This pass, known as Warmiwañusca or Dead Woman’s Pass, was pretty tough as the highest point is 4200m above sea level. When we finally made it to the top of the Warmiwañusca Pass we were in the clouds and the view was astonishing.  After a quick rest at the cold, misty top, we started the long decent down to our camp for the night. We had to be careful walking down to camp as the rain had made the stones very slippery. Once we made it down to the camp, our porters were waiting for us with tents set up and of course hot water for our much needed coca tea! Unfortunately this night was quite rainy but we took advantage of the bad weather to get to know each other better, play cards and our guide Puma even told us creepy stories about bad Inca spirits lurking along the trail at night. Of course, it was off to bed early again tonight so we’d be ready for the two passes we had to climb the next day…

Photo 1 text: The group with our porters at the start of day 2
Photo 2 text: 4200m above sea level – we made it!

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