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One of the world’s most jaw dropping natural wonders and certainly a major highlight on any Argentinean trip, the Iguazú Falls are simply astounding.

The beauty and sheer energy of the Falls is difficult to convey in words or photographs – you simply have to experience them for yourself.

Iguazu Waterfalls Argentina

The falls located in the northern province of Misiones take about 15hrs by bus to reach from Buenos Aires. The falls are shared by Brazil and Argentina and sit on the border in the Iguazú National Park, 20km from Puero Iguazú on the Argentine side. You should try to visit both sides of the falls as they both offer different views and experiences.

There are more than 270 falls and two basic circuits: an upper path and a lowerpath.
The lower path leads to the base of the falls, where you can get so close that the spray covers you with mist. In this circuit you also have the option to take a boat to Isla San Martín.

Iguazu Waterfalls Argentina

From the upper path you have panoramic views from the footbridge which is an unforgettable sight. Apart from the outstanding waterfalls, the jungle offers a series of alternatives in an environment with a wide variety of animals and plants. Almost 500 species of wild fowl, 80 species of mammals and an inmense variety of reptiles, fish, insects and butterflies live in this ecosystem.

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