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Views 07 Oct Buenos Aires, The City of The Cities
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Buenos Aires is a city with a grand reputation, famed for its nightlife, architecture and interesting cultural scene. The city often has been labelled, ‘The Paris of Latin America’; however, the fusion of people and cultural influences, from Europe and Latin America is unique and creates a distinctive and energetic atmosphere unlike any other.

The diverse neighbourhoods (barrios) of Buenos Aires each have their own inimitable flavour and feel. The elegant northern barrios of Belgrano, Palermo and Recoleta are known for their shopping, nightclubs, trendy bars and restaurants.

Buenos Aires, The City of The Cities

The extensive parks situated in these areas, provide space to get away from the congestion of the city during the day. Recoleta hosts the famous Cementerio de la Recoleta with its dramatic mausoleums for distinguished Argentinean individuals (including Evita and many ex-presidents), as well as several other reputed galleries and museums.
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