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Day 2.

We start this second day of our river rafting tour in Peru, at 6.30am, getting up and packing away our tent before breakfast.  For breakfast we get bread, porridge, fresh fruit, cereal and yoghurt – and I make an effort to eat as much as I can to give me strength for the day ahead!  We get going at around 8am, running a few ‘friendly’ level III rapids before meeting our first level IV.  I feel a little nervous about running it, but the guide explains exactly what to expect and how we will maneuvre the raft through and after that I feel excited.  We stop for lunch around 12.30, the guides serve a buffet on a beach by the river.  After this we all take an hour to relax in the sunshine before continuing.  In the afternoon we run a level V rapid.  Peru is such a beautiful country, I am so happy to be here!

Apurimac Rafting Expedition Cusco Peru

We stop to camp for the night again at around 4.30pm, this time on a big long beach. As we unload the equipment we see Andean Condors soaring above the canyon, they are truly huge and magnificent to watch as they soar above us. Tonight we eat spaghetti bolognese and the guides build a campfire for us to sit around once we’ve eaten.  It was magical, talking by the light of the fire and watching the Peruvian stars.

Day 3.
Another early start, but today we get pancakes for breakfast so it is worth it! We play some games while the guides, pack everything onto the rafts – you have to turn on the spot 10 times while looking up at your paddle, then run around a marker right by the waters edge.  A lot of people went swimming!!  We get going and run some really amazing rapids, some really fast and exciting and others really technical with lots of rocks to paddle around.  Mid morning the rafts stop by a cliff and we’re asked if we want to jump into the river. The top if the cliff is quite high, but we’re assured the river is safe there and I give it a go. I throw myself off the rock quickly before I get a chance to look down!  The final hour of rafting is gentle, with just a few level I rapids, and everyone is happy to relax and enjoy the scenery before we return to reality. We reach the ‘take out’ at around 12 noon, there is a ranch with showers  where we get changed and eat lunch before starting the 2 hour journey back to Cusco.

Apurimac Rafting Expedition Cusco Peru
It has been a magical 3 days away from civilization, and the rafting was spectacular and without a single flip. I feel really lucky to have been on this unique trip – Cusco Peru is without a doubt THE place to go rafting in South America.

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