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This rafting trip is one of the best experiences on offer in Peru. It is 3 days of rafting on rapids between levels II to V on the River Apurimac near Cusco. The Apurimac is one of the top 10 rivers for white water in the world, and the section we run flows through a huge canyon offering spectacular scenery. Each night we camp by the side of the river on beaches, these places within the canyon can only be accessed by the river – there are no signs of people anywhere.  It is a true wilderness, a rare thing in the world today.

Day 1.
We meet to leave Cusco at 8.30am. The journey to the ‘put in’ is around 4 hours, first by road then by dirt track, and we stop in the town of Izcuchaca on the way to pick up supplies. On the way we will also get some amazing views of the deep valley the river flows through, and the surrounding mountains.

Apurimac Rafting Expedition Cusco Peru

On arrival we unload all the equipment from the bus and the guides set up the rafts and prepare lunch. We, the passengers, pack our things into special dry bags (all our things are transported down the river in a cargo raft) and change into our river gear. Clothing for the river is provided and consists of a wetsuit, splash vest, life jacket and helmet.  After eating a great lunch, we are given a safety talk and all the different orders that might be used in the rafts are explained clearly.

We begin the rafting, running a few rapids of level II & III and chat amongst ourselves, getting to know ‘the team’ for the next few days.  After an hour we stop in a wide still stretch of the river, we are the first raft there and our guide notices a river otter perched on a rock just 5 metres from our raft!  We have stopped in order to practice the procedure should we flip in a rapid, at first this seems scary but being in the water is fun and the safety procedure isn’t too technical.

Apurimac Rafting Expedition Cusco Peru

We arrive to our first camp at around 4.30pm and set up our tents for the night. We stay on a small beach sheltered from the river by a huge rock, it has an avocado tree growing right by the camp. The guides quickly begin preparing food, and by 7pm they serve soup followed by ‘Lomo Saltado’, a lovely Peruvian dish.  Everyone is feeling pretty tired tonight, we are all in our tents by 9pm after a quick look for shooting stars! Hasta manana!

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