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Views 24 Dic Sandboarding in Nazca, Peru
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The tiny little town Nazca, in southern Peru – famous for The Lineas de Nazca – has the highest sand dune of the world: “Cerro Blanc”  is around the 2080 meters and lies in the desert.  Sandboarding is one of the most popular things you can do here and it attracts a lot of people. The only part that you don´t expect is that you have to walk up the dune with your sand board because there are no elevators here. Therefore, tours leave really early in the morning,  to prevent the tourists from burning: Nazca is in the middle of the desert so temperatures can go up to 35 – 38 degrees. I left for my trip around 11 in the morning, which was quite late. However, even although I had to walk up the sand hill and it was terrible hot, it was definitely worth the effort! Up on the sand dune, the guide takes his time to explain you what do.

Sandboarding in Nazca, Peru
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Views 17 Dic Good reasons to spend Christmas or New Year–or any other time during the year-in Buenos Aires City!
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Buenos Aires is an impulsive city, famous for its diversity, especially in architecture, and its passion when it comes to dancing and it offers nearly everything a travelers heart could desire.

One is always accompanied by tango and the rhythm of the Porteños. For example, on the wonderful and multifarious fair in Recoleta or while walking along the Florida Avenue and even in the Subte (Subway). The city reaches out for you and wants you to experience her for every single minute. Go to the barrios (neighborhoods) in the north and you will find a variety of designer and second hand shops in Palermo; a lively neighborhood with a lot of bars and nightclubs. And for a more relaxed atmosphere there is a great forest nearby, called the Bosques de Palermo. The Palermo Woods are the biggest park in Buenos Aires with small lakes and a great forest. The botanic garden and the Zoo can be reached within walking distance from the Subway station Plaza Italia (Line D).

Good reasons to spend Christmas or New Year–or any other time during the year-in Buenos Aires City!
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Views 10 Dic Christmas in Peru
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The rural context of the arrival of the infant Christ allowed early Peruvians to identify immediately with the festivity, highlighted by artisan creativity, a sense of aesthetics and the religious devotion of Andean settlers. Andean Christmas began taking on characteristics of its own by adding elements from each region. These elements stand out for the extreme care with which highlanders put together Nativity scenes in churches and homes, perform dances and plays, cook typical dishes and produce a wide range of handicrafts such as Nativity scenes in Huamanga stone, retablos featuring images related to Christmas and pottery or carved gourds called “mates burilados” decorated with Yuletide scenes. In most Andean communities, the festival continues until la Bajada de los Reyes (the arrival of the three wise men), January 6, when traditionally people exchange gifts.

Christmas in Peru
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