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The tiny little town Nazca, in southern Peru – famous for The Lineas de Nazca – has the highest sand dune of the world: “Cerro Blanc”  is around the 2080 meters and lies in the desert.  Sandboarding is one of the most popular things you can do here and it attracts a lot of people. The only part that you don´t expect is that you have to walk up the dune with your sand board because there are no elevators here. Therefore, tours leave really early in the morning,  to prevent the tourists from burning: Nazca is in the middle of the desert so temperatures can go up to 35 – 38 degrees. I left for my trip around 11 in the morning, which was quite late. However, even although I had to walk up the sand hill and it was terrible hot, it was definitely worth the effort! Up on the sand dune, the guide takes his time to explain you what do.

Sandboarding in Nazca, Peru
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