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Views 10 Mar Both Sucre and Potosí: history, tragedy, richness and culture of Bolivia
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Crossing the border from La Quiaca, Argentina to Villazón in Bolivia is like stepping into a different world. Say goodbye to the very comfortable buses, to the warm climate, the lovely empanadas and to drinking lots of mate de yerba. Say hello to the bumpy unpaved roads, freezing high mountain tops, food stalls on every corner, shoeshine boys trying to make a few pennies and coca leaves to combat altitude sickness. It sounds like chaos, but in the disorganization is Bolivias charm, it is vibrant, eclectic and exciting – a world away from Western culture.

Both Sucre and Potosí: history, tragedy, richness and culture of Bolivia
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Views 03 Mar Highlights of Northern Argentina
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After spending over three months in vibrant Buenos Aires, it was time to say goodbye to all the things that made me fall in love with this truly amazing city.  Goodbye to the lovely locals or Porteños that I met, the Plaza Serrano where I drank with friends, the fabulous parrilla barbeque restaurants, the fútbol matches, the beautiful Costanera Avenue where I had a choripan (bread with chorizo sausage) and the Recoleta market where I sat in the sun with a beer on Sundays.  Time went fast; but I was ready for a change.  Next destination: Salta, Northern Argentina.

Highlights of Northern Argentina
Salta, established in 1852, attracts many visitors because of its splendid location in the Andes.  Salta is surrounded by vineyards and beautiful scenery from mountains to desert.  The city itself has beautiful colonial architecture from the 18th and 19th century.

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