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After spending over three months in vibrant Buenos Aires, it was time to say goodbye to all the things that made me fall in love with this truly amazing city.  Goodbye to the lovely locals or Porteños that I met, the Plaza Serrano where I drank with friends, the fabulous parrilla barbeque restaurants, the fútbol matches, the beautiful Costanera Avenue where I had a choripan (bread with chorizo sausage) and the Recoleta market where I sat in the sun with a beer on Sundays.  Time went fast; but I was ready for a change.  Next destination: Salta, Northern Argentina.

Highlights of Northern Argentina
Salta, established in 1852, attracts many visitors because of its splendid location in the Andes.  Salta is surrounded by vineyards and beautiful scenery from mountains to desert.  The city itself has beautiful colonial architecture from the 18th and 19th century.

It is recommended to take your time here; enjoy the delicious empanadas (called salteñas) accompanied with a glass of white wine.  You can stroll around town during the day; and don’t miss the live concerts and folklore dances given on the main square ‘9 de Julio’ every night!

Highlights of Northern Argentina
Two of the main attractions of the Salta Province are the bodegas or vineyards of Cafayate and the deserts around Cachi. Both a few hours away of the Salta city, they are easily accessed by local buses. There are various tour operators that do day tours and lead you to all the nice viewpoints; something that the local buses lack. A day trip west to Cachi will lead you through high altitude deserts (over 3,000 meters above sea level); with enormous cactuses and terrain that resembles that of the moon with impressive colored rock formations. Cafayate is on the route from Salta to Mendoza and makes for a great overnight stop. This small village is a big producer of wine, and most vineyards offer free tours and sampling of their home made wines.

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