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June is thé Festival Month in Peru! Peruvian festivals are, by nature, gregarious expressions of joy, pride and vitality. The dynamic celebrations come in many forms but what unites them all is the fusion of music, dance, colour and, above all, jubilation. Every visitor to Peru should experience these first class examples of Peruvian culture.

Arguably the most significant of these is the Inti Raymi Festival. In Andean mythology, the Incas were considered descendents of the Sun, and this festival is a celebration and sacrifice to the Sun God, Inti. The impressive ceremony sees a brightly coloured entourage of personalities representing the population of the four parts of the world.

Peruvian Festivals: Inti Raymi, Corpus Christi and Qoyllority

Dos Manos is delighted to offer the opportunity to join in with the exuberant festivities of Inti Raymi. Hailing the procession, you will follow its ascent to Sacsayhuamán, not only witnessing traditional dances and rituals of the Incan sun worship but you also standing by as various Andean tribes, adorned in typical clothing, bring forward their precious offerings. This is a unique experience that promises to give a real insight into Peruvian culture and tradition.

Peruvian Festivals: Inti Raymi, Corpus Christi and Qoyllority

Alongside the famous Inti Raymi, June sees the festival of Corpus Christi, a series of beautiful religious folk demonstrations in the city of Cusco itself and Qoyllority, a pilgrimage to the Snow Star held high in the Andean mountains (see: Qoyllur Riti in Peru, authentic Incan festival in June ) And if you are still around in July: join us to the famous Virgen del Carmen festival in Paucartambo!

If you want to become part of the passion of a Peruvian festival get in touch now!

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