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This month there is a unique opportunity to visit an authentic Incan festival held high in the Andean mountains. If you are interested in witnessing first-hand Incan ceremonies & traditions in a small indigenous village under the stunning backdrop of one of the most striking peaks in the Vilcanota mountain range then please read on…

Among the many enchanting festivals that punctuate Peru´s annual calendar, the Qoyllority Festival stands out as one of the most intriguing of all.

Qoyllur Riti in Peru, authentic Incan festival in June

Observing the ancient Incan belief in the intricate link between man and nature, each year thousands of pilgrims gather to celebrate Qoyllority, the Lord of the Snow Star. As legend has it the adulated snow star rests on the peak of the sacred mountain of ApuAusangate, located 180 kilometres South East of Cusco and towering at a dramatic 6362m.

Dos Manos is offering the opportunity to become part of this rapturous event. Our two day itinerary takes you to the heart of the festival to join this celebration of Incan tradition.

Qoyllur Riti in Peru, authentic Incan festival in June

After two and a half hours of hiking through beautiful scenery you will arrive in Qoyllority for lunch. Here you will spend the rest of the day learning about the ancient rituals of the festival and may even be invited to learn some of the celebratory dances!

At the foot of ApuAusangate the main festivities take place. The small village of Sinakara is adorned with multicolored processions as hordes of extravagantly costumed performers dance through the streets.Soon the colorful parade begins a joyous ascent as thousand upon thousand of devotees journey to the snowline of ApuAusangate. 

Qoyllur Riti in Peru, authentic Incan festival in June

The indigenous character of the festival gives it a traditional Peruvian feel, and spending two days at this marvelous event you will witness ceremonies only practiced here in this part of the Andes – a truly unforgettable and unique experience.

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