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Views 15 Jun Choquequirao… Machu Picchu’s Sacred Sister (part I)
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The Choquequirao Trek in the Cusco area in Peru is one of the most exciting alternatives to the famous Inca Trail to the old Inca town Machu Picchu. Getting well off the beaten track, trekkers journey toward the mystical allure of the ruins of Choquequirao.

Experiencing Incan history in all its authenticity, this spectacular yet challenging hike crosses the Canyon of the Apurimac River and takes you to Choquequirao´s incredibly located ruins – perched high on a ledge above one of the deepest canyons in the world.

Choquequirao - Machu Picchu’s Sacred Sister

If the opportunity to partake in this trek presents itself to you it would be a crime not to take it. A truly unforgettable experience.

Day One
After a very early awakening I left Cusco to travel to Cachora, the village from which we would begin our Choquequirao adventure. The bus journey was an experience in itself, careering around sharp curves at a pace that did not do my stomach any favours… an entertaining escapade

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