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Views 20 Jun Choquequirao… Machu Picchu’s Sacred Sister (part II)
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The Choquequirao Trek is one of the most exciting alternatives to the Inca Trail. Getting well off the beaten track, trekkers journey toward the mystical allure of the ruins of Choquequirao.
Here follows the second instalment of our latest account of the unique adventure that is the Choquequirao Trek…

Day Three
Another early start and we headed off to the mysterious ruins of Choquequirao. After an hour and a half of walking we arrived at the “Cradle of Gold”.

Choquequirao - Cusco Peru
Although the early Spaniards were aware of its existence, Choquequirao was protected by its remoteness. Some speculate that the Incan Emperor Topa had it built as a personal spiritual retreat to rival his father Pachacuti’s magnificent estate at Machu Picchu.

Whoever built this place, it was undoubtedly an elite settlement, built for ceremonial purposes and occupied by Inca nobility.
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