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Views 20 Sep Insight into the Incas
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Peru is a country rich with fascinating history. Tales of the Incas continue to capture the imaginations of thousands, as hordes upon hordes of people travel from far and wide to explore the countless ruins of this ancient empire.

Peruvians are extremely proud of their ancestors, and you will undoubtedly learn a lot of intriguing information about Incan history during your time in Peru. Here are a few interesting facts to get you started…
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Views 14 Sep Top Tips for the Happy Travels in Peru (Part 2)
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Health Insurance:
Be well informed as to exactly what your health insurance covers for your trip here in Peru.
It is highly recommended that you choose a policy that covers emergency evacuation in case, for example, you react badly to the altitude and need to depart immediately.
Not all local travel agencies have good insurances, it is very important you have a good insurance from your home country.

The Peruvian bus network covers almost every destination in the country, with some exceptions in cities in the Amazon Rainforest. The fares vary depending on the level of comfort you wish to have, and also how direct the route is. One of the best most reputable bus companies in Peru is “Cruz Del Sur”.

Top Tips for the Happy Travels in Peru
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Views 03 Sep Top Tips for the Happy Travels in Peru (Part 1)
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Peru is a wonderful country. There is something here for everyone, and there is no doubt that you will have the time of your life. However, it is always important to do your research before traveling somewhere new. You will be faced with an entirely different culture to what you are accustomed to, so it helps to be in ´the know´ before you arrive. Here follow a few top tips created for all those of you heading to Peru to help ensure that you have the very best time here possible.

What to bring:
Regardless of what time of year you travel to Peru, it is advised that you always have with you:

  • Sunscreen – the UV rays are very strong, particularly at altitude, and it is easy to burn
  • Warm clothes – nights can get very cold up in the mountains!
  • Hiking shoes – there is a lot of walking to be done in the Andes, so come prepared J
  • Hats – both for warmth and for protection from the sun

Top Tips for the Happy Travels in Peru

The Peruvian national currency is Nuevo Sol (S/) and this is the most commonly used currency.
American Dollars are accepted in most restaurants, hotels and shops, at the current exchange rate. There are places to exchange most currencies, especially Dollars and Euros.
Some restaurants, hotels and shops accept credit cards like: VISA, Master Card and American Express. Travelers cheques are exchangeable too, although not as easily; just a few banks and hotels can change them so always check beforehand.

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