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Peru is a country rich with fascinating history. Tales of the Incas continue to capture the imaginations of thousands, as hordes upon hordes of people travel from far and wide to explore the countless ruins of this ancient empire.

Peruvians are extremely proud of their ancestors, and you will undoubtedly learn a lot of intriguing information about Incan history during your time in Peru. Here are a few interesting facts to get you started…
Insight into the Incas

  • In 1400 A.D. the Incas were a small highland tribe of Quechua people. One hundred years later, they had risen to conquer and control the largest empire ever seen in the Americas.
  • At its height, the Inca Empire is believed to have reached a population of 10 million people.
  • The Incan emperors were polygamous and usually married their sisters.
  • Inca warriors engaged in intense training with an object to conquer fear. The result was the creation of an army of fearless, suicidal fighters.
  • The Incas had no written language; therefore, their history has been passed down orally through the generations in Inca musical melodies were only ever made up of five tones.
  • The Incas considered themselves, as descendants of the Sun, to be superior to all other tribes. Being Inca was a true source of pride.
  • The Incas invented freeze-drying.
  • Insight into the Incas

Incan culture encapsulates the very essence of Peru. At Dos Manos, we offer numerous guided tours and treks to assist you in discovering this captivating people, their culture, and their history. Contact us at to start planning your trip!

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