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Health Insurance:
Be well informed as to exactly what your health insurance covers for your trip here in Peru.
It is highly recommended that you choose a policy that covers emergency evacuation in case, for example, you react badly to the altitude and need to depart immediately.
Not all local travel agencies have good insurances, it is very important you have a good insurance from your home country.

The Peruvian bus network covers almost every destination in the country, with some exceptions in cities in the Amazon Rainforest. The fares vary depending on the level of comfort you wish to have, and also how direct the route is. One of the best most reputable bus companies in Peru is “Cruz Del Sur”.

Top Tips for the Happy Travels in Peru

Cusco boasts a great range of restaurants and cafes. There are many delicious traditional foods to try and plenty of places to try them! However it is always best to ensure that you go to restaurants with a good reputation and a high level of hygiene. Cusco has a great offer of food from all over the world, besides the lovely Peruvian cuisine, including: Chinese, Japonese, Italian, Indian and others.

Naturally, you should take the same safety precautions that you would in any other city in the world. Take care of your personal belongings in public places, do not leave your things unattended, avoid dark and empty streets in the middle of the night etc…

Top Tips for the Happy Travels in Peru
The voltage in Peru is 220V/60Htz. Most new electronic devices such as laptops, MP3 players, telephone charges and digitals cameras work with a voltage of between 100V and 240V, and therefore work with 220V in Peru without a problem. However always make sure you read the information on your electronic device before charging it.

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