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Views 26 Oct Mendoza – Wine to Remember!
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Argentinean wine is world-renown, and in particular, Mendoza stakes claim to being the reason for its recognition. Mendoza is known for its Malbec wines and is situated in a desert region, which means it gets more than 300 days of sun annually. It is also near the mountains, which protect the plants from the Pacific Ocean moisture. Thus, its climate is perfect for cultivating this type of grape.

Mendoza Malbec wines are full-bodied, rich red wines, which is ideal for pairing with fattier cuts of meat. Um – hello – can things get any more perfect?! Argentina is FAMOUS for its asadas and bife (grilled meats). If your mouth isn’t watering by now, well, you must not eat meat or drink wine.

Mendoza – Wine to Remember!

The good news is that once you find yourself in Argentina, you can easily book a wine tour. Many wine schools offer such tours and excursions, and Monique van Dalen (Netherlands) did just that. She booked a tour with a wine school in Buenos Aires and she set out for a weekend to experience all that Mendoza had to offer. Here is her experience…
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Views 17 Oct Day Trips from Buenos Aires: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

A nice day trip option for those that need to renew their tourist visa is to cross the ‘Río de la Plata’ by ferry and visit the city of Colonia – the oldest city in Uruguay!

Founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, the colony of Colonia was heavily contested by the Spanish who settled on the opposite bank of the river at Buenos Aires. Through Colonia, people were able to avoid the strict taxes imposed by the Spanish crown so for years Colonia was an important center for smuggling British goods across the Río de la Plata into the Spanish colonies. It is now an attractive and quiet place with a nice historic center and beaches that are well worth a visit.

Colonia is full of old-fashioned cars and motorcycles, and the ‘Uruguayos’ seem to carry their ‘termo’ and drink ‘mate’ constantly. Although the city transferred hands between the Portuguese and Spanish, Portuguese influence can still be found in several parts of the city, and taking the time to visit these historic sites is a must.

Day Trips from Buenos Aires: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
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