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Argentinean wine is world-renown, and in particular, Mendoza stakes claim to being the reason for its recognition. Mendoza is known for its Malbec wines and is situated in a desert region, which means it gets more than 300 days of sun annually. It is also near the mountains, which protect the plants from the Pacific Ocean moisture. Thus, its climate is perfect for cultivating this type of grape.

Mendoza Malbec wines are full-bodied, rich red wines, which is ideal for pairing with fattier cuts of meat. Um – hello – can things get any more perfect?! Argentina is FAMOUS for its asadas and bife (grilled meats). If your mouth isn’t watering by now, well, you must not eat meat or drink wine.

Mendoza – Wine to Remember!

The good news is that once you find yourself in Argentina, you can easily book a wine tour. Many wine schools offer such tours and excursions, and Monique van Dalen (Netherlands) did just that. She booked a tour with a wine school in Buenos Aires and she set out for a weekend to experience all that Mendoza had to offer. Here is her experience…

Two weeks ago I went to Mendoza. What a weekend! Mendoza is a province near Chile, and it is a place where they make the best wine in Argentina.

The weekend started with a 15-hour trip in a beautiful bus that even had leather chairs that transformed into beds! It was great; by far the best sleep I have ever had in a bus. During the trip, we got wine and dinner, which was perfect.

On the first day (Saturday) of our wine excursions we visited three bodegas. At every bodega we received a tour of the facilities and vineyard, and they explained how they make their wines. Following the tour, we had a tasting at each bodega. Yum! The best wines I have ever had accompanied with something to small to eat. It was perfect.

Mendoza – Wine to Remember!

The next day (Sunday) was the most beautiful day of the weekend. The weather was great, the view amazing and the wines even better than on Saturday. The first bodega was at 1,200 meters above sea level in the middle of the Andes. Beautiful! We tasted wine and even ´made´ our own wine. We used a combination of the harvest from 4 different days. I had no idea the harvest from different days could have such different taste! After that, we tasted even more wine and had the best empanadas. After snacking on sampling, we had lunch in the garden of another bodega, a real asado.

In total, we visited 7 bodegas in three days. I had the best wines and the greatest food. In those days I really fell in love with Argentina. What a country! Everything was perfect during that weekend.

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