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Views 24 Nov Essential Brain Food: The Alfajor
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As a student, knowing what food will get you through your studies is essential. Perhaps you remember late nights slumped over a computer chowing down on a cold piece of pizza. Or, perhaps twinkies were more your style. Whatever was your handy side-kick, we all know that we probably would not have made it through high school, college, etc. without it.

In this series, we will discuss essential foods to help you through your Spanish language courses. The first is the oh-so-delicious Argentinean alfajor (pronounced ‘all-fah-hor’). Actually, alfajores are found in multiple Latin American countries, but Argentina’s alfajores are spectacular! No trip to Argentina would be complete without sinking your teeth into one (or twelve) of these sweets.

Essential Brain Food: The Alfajor

Picture this – two layers of sweet biscuits glued together by a rich layer of thick caramel sauce (called “dulce de leche”) then coated with chocolate. Mmmmm! There are many variations, and this is just one of them.

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