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Once you’ve made the decision to travel to Argentina, it’s time to prepare for your trip! Unfortunately, there is often so much to do that it can be difficult knowing where to begin. We have conveniently broken it down into five easy steps to help you prepare the trip of your life!

1. Make sure your passport is up-to-date. You won’t be going anywhere if it isn’t, so double check. Citizens of the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa only need a passport to enter the country for stays under 3 months. As of 2009, there is an entry tax for individuals from the US, Canada, and Australia so please check beforehand what fees may apply to you.

2. Book your flight well in advance to get the best price possible. Research has shown that the cheapest times to book a flight are Tuesday through Thursday, and try to avoid flying on weekends. They tend to be more expensive. In addition, delete the cookies on your computer. Some travel sites save this information and increase the price each time you search for a specific route.

How to Prepare for Your Trip to Argentina!

3. Spend ample time researching Argentine culture. The main questions to ask yourself are what, why, and when? The culture is as vast as its landscapes so you will have a lot of fun researching the various regions to which you plan to travel. For starters, research yerba mate and asadas. Check out the history of tango and European influence.

4. One of the best travel tips we can offer is to learn some of the local language. This will enhance your Argentine travels and help you build relationships with some of the locals. To give you a crash course, see our article on “The Gringo’s Short Guide to Speaking Spanish like an Argentine” ( for tips on pronunciation and the local slang. Or, choose to enroll in a Spanish course in Buenos Aires with our partner agency AMAUTA Spanish School!

5. Start selecting your itinerary. From the mountains to desert, city to countryside, Argentina has it all! The possibilities are endless so it can be difficult to decide where to go and what to see. For this reason, we recommend researching possible itineraries early. Start by figuring out how many days you will have for your vacation then browse our Argentina travel tours and excursions.

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