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The Gaucho A staple of Argentine history is that of the gaucho, the classic Argentine cowboy that endlessly roamed the plains and pampas. Gauchos are known for their honor, horsemanship, and traditions, and they are intricately familiar with the land and the animals. Today, gauchos still exist, although fewer in number than in the 1600s, and today’s gauchos still spend the majority of their day on horses roaming the countryside.

In the 1600s, gauchos were known for causing trouble, slaughtering cattle at their whim. Their fearless image also helped draw the attention of the government, which actually employed them instead of the army as a way of keeping order in the rural areas.

Spotlight: The Gaucho and Argentina’s Estancias

The breathtaking Argentine countryside, known as the Pampas, remains the gaucho’s playground. Traditionally residing on estancias (gorgeous colonial ranches), the gaucho raised and produced the highest quality meat in the world. Today, meat is a national Argentina obsession and the country continues to generate some of the best meat globally.

Estancias provide a glimpse into what life was like during the reign of the gaucho. The austere and refined elegance of the estancias allows tourists to live a completely different, sophisticated life while on the ranch. Witness the remarkable horsemanship of some of today’s gauchos, observe a cattle drive, enjoy a horseback ride through the countryside where the cattle graze, and partake in a Fiesta Gaucho complete with classic gaucho food, music, and dance!

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    I have been to San Antonio de Areco to an estancia, and I truly loved it!! I would love to go there again!

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