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For those traveling to Argentina, a visit to the Cuyo region is a must. Argentina’s Cuyo region is known as the “wine region”, and it produces approximately 80% of all of the country’s wines. Its diverse scenery and lovely, sunny weather characterizes it from other Argentine regions. The surrounding views of snow-capped mountains perfectly accompany a glass of Merlot and carne asada day or night.

In addition to its world-renowned wines, its landscape is breathtaking. From beautiful, green flat land to the ridged Andes Mountains, this region possesses a diverse countryside giving you the opportunity to plan numerous outdoor activities and excursions. Hike the challenging Aconcagua Mountain, ski the mountain slopes of Las Lenas and Los Penitentes, or finally partake in that paragliding or rafting adventure you have been dreaming about!

Visiting the wineries of Cuyo.

With over 100 bodegas open to tourists in Mendoza alone, most people book an organized tour (a bodega tour). However, renting a bicycle and visiting wineries on your own is also a popular alternative.

Bodega tours are typically done in small groups and consist of visiting various wineries. You will learn about each bodega’s wine making process, partake in wine tastings, and tour the vineyards on foot, horseback, or carriage. Tours can typically be tailored to the interests of the group, and to get you started on your bodega tour, here are three excellent wine making areas of the Cuyo region.

Wine and Adventures in the Famous Cuyo Region of Argentina!

Mendoza – Internationally renowned for its Malbec wines, it is Argentina’s top wine region. In recent years, it has risen to the same status as Napa and Bordeaux, two of the great wine capitals of the world! Perfectly situated in the desert region and on the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Mendoza boasts perfect grape-growing weather for Malbecs and enjoys year-round sunshine. Read a testimonial of a wine tour here in our blog (!

La Rioja – For those interested in white wines, the Torrontes is the grape variety most cultivated in Argentina. In fact, the Torrentes Riojano is an indigenous grape so it makes for a truly local wine. Its low humidity, high altitude and sunny climate are ideal for this type of grape, and region is one of the oldest and longest wine producing regions in Argentina!

San Juan – This is the second largest wine producing regions in Peru, and it is known for its Syrahs. It is considerable hotter and dryer than Mendoza. While there, be sure to visit the Santiago Graffigna Wine Museum, which is built in a traditional winery and describes all about 19th century Argentine wine making.

Even if you cannot get away to visit these famous wine regions and enjoy the outdoors, you can at least taste the Argentine goodness through the Spring Wine Tour Urbano. This takes place in Buenos Aires on November 18 in Palermo Viejo. From 7:00PM – 10:00PM, visitors can browse the fashion boutiques and sip the designated Argentine wine of the night!

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