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The majestic town of Tigre is located on the Parana Delta only 28km north of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina and it is easily accessible by both train and bus. This scenic town, which was founded in 1820, actually sits on an island! The name Tigre is a result of the jaguars, which were hunted in this same area in the very beginning of the town’s history.

The town was founded and settled by European farmers and quickly became a lively port town, specializing in the transportation of fruit and wood up and down the Parana River.

Tigre: A Relaxing Day or Weekend Trip from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nowadays, Tigre is known for being a naturally beautiful resort town, which has a lot to offer tourists who are interested in sightseeing and shopping! Tourists can choose to tour the rivers and streams of the Parana Delta by motorboat or commuter launch.

There are many interesting sights to be seen on this tour, such as the old Tigre Club. There are also a plethora of restaurants and lodges viewable from the water.  If you like shopping, go to the Puerto de Frutas. This old fruit market is now a lively handicraft market where you can purchase great souvenirs for all of your friends and family back home, such as leather bags and jewelry.

Tigre: A Relaxing Day or Weekend Trip from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Take a break from shopping to enjoy a local tropical fruit juice! If you are interested in history the Naval Museum is a must. You can also visit the casino or the amusement park, Parque de la Costa, depending on your interests. Tigre really has something for everyone in the family or in your group of fellow travelers.

Visit Tigre for a breath of fresh air and a taste of how the rich and famous of Argentina live!

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