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Views 11 Jun Festivals in Peru with Dos Manos!
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The month of June is all about festivals in Peru. It kicks off with Qoyllority , one of the most intriguing festivals in the Andes, and the celebrations continue with the religious festival of Corpus Christi in Cusco, when the streets and plaza of the ancient capital of the Incas are packed with colorful dancers and musicians accompanying the folkloric processions.

Only days later you can join Dos Manos to visit the rebuilding ceremony of the Q’eswachaka Inca Hanging Bridge, located in the province of Canas about 160 km. south of Cusco.

"Q’eswachaka" is a native name formed by two Quechua words, ‘Q’eswa’ which means to braid and ‘Chaka’ which means bridge. A very special bridge, because it is made from woven grass (q’oya). The original Inca material and construction techniques have been passed down from generation to generation since the first bridge was built in the 15th century.

Festivals in Peru with Dos Manos!
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