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Mendoza is worldwide famous for two things: its fine wine and great outdoor sports due to its location on the shoulders of the Andes mountain range. A gorgeous city with its three-lined city’s boulevards, nice architecture with indigenous and colonial influences and not forgetting the many restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs make this an extremely popular travel destination in Argentina to hang out for a while.

Enough temptation to convince us to pay Mendoza a visit, in spite its 14 hours by bus from Buenos Aires. I know it sounds terribly long, but since we arranged for a ‘cama suite’, a luxurious chair/bed with its own TV screen, it was very comfortable and we even got champagne and really good wine!
There are many places to stay the night and we picked a beautiful Bed & Breakfast with its own vineyard and swimming pool. We were really lucky to be there at the right time just when the harvesting season commenced!

Excursions in Mendoza

There are many world-renowned bodegas close to Mendoza which are well worth visiting, even if you’re not a wine lover. Organized trips are available but if you have the energy and want to be a little more adventurous its worth hiring a bicycle and choose your own route. 

After being in a bus for so long we felt like a bit of exercise, so this was exactly what we did the next day. The bicycles were in good shape and the weather was lovely. We cycled through the countryside and visited vineyards where we could taste different types of wines as well learn a bit more about the production process. Of course after visiting 5 different vineyards it became much harder to cycle straight!

The mountains of Mendoza are excellent for the extreme sports fanatics. Snowboarding and skiing slopes can generally easily be reached from the city (the season normally runs from June-October), and there are also plenty of mountain climbing and rafting locations.

We felt more in a relaxing mood and the thermal baths couldn’t be any better. You can just take a taxi to these hot springs up in the mountains, and ask the same taxi driver to pick you up at the end of the day. To end a great day in style, we ordered a delicious Argentinean steak and of course enjoyed a great bottle of red Malbec.

Excursions in Mendoza

The city Mendoza is not really big, but it’s very nice to walk around and visit little plazas surrounded by many bars and restaurants. Parque General San Martín, west of the main Plaza Independencia, is especially a pleasant place to go for a shady afternoon stroll after visiting some of the city’s famed museums.

If you want to travel to Mendoza, it is a good idea to make arrangements upfront through a reputable travel agency. Dos Manos Argentina Travel Agency in Buenos Aires has a lot of offers, and I definitely recommend checking out their website:

It is also an excellent stopover between Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile (7 hours by bus), and the range of excursions in Mendoza available should keep those interested in exercising their palette and body fully satisfied!

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