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Huaraz is not too far from Huanchacho, a popular beach destination in Peru, but instead of the waves there are glaciated peaks in every direction demanding your attention.

This still rather anonymous trekking mecca offers something for adventure seekers of all skill and fitness levels. There is an assortment of easy hikes of a day or two, multi-week mountaineering expeditions requiring technical mountain training, sport climbing, mountain biking routes, or for the most adventurous of mountaineers, glacier ice climbing.

Get off the beaten track: Huaraz and the Santa Cruz trek!

The most popular trekking route is the Santa Cruz, with its starting point at the Alpamayo at 5947m. It takes a 4.5 hours bus ride from Huaraz to get there.  

Words to the wise:

  • The best and busiest time for trekking is June through August, with warm days and cold nights, and no rain or clouds to block your view of the highlands.
  • Being at such a high altitude, can make you feel breathless and may give you a headache. A hike to Laguna Churup is a great option to acclimatize.
  • There are some great hot springs outside of Yungay. Divided into two sections, the lower pools are more crowded, upper pools are nicer and have private rooms.
  • Café Andino in Huaraz offers good food, local beer, and free WiFi. This modern, cozy café near the main plaza has an upstairs library with an array of books in Spanish and English for the traveler’s reading pleasure.
  • Get off the beaten track: Huaraz and the Santa Cruz trek!

  • It is difficult to find restaurants, tour agencies and hostels to accept credit cards. Come prepared with cash to spend, this is not the city to rack up your credit.
  • Look out for endangered wildlife. Vicunas (relatives of the alpaca) and the Andean condor, the largest flying bird of the world, are still to be spotted in these magnificent highlands.
  • And last but not least, you should ask for an exact list of services, products, and prices before paying for a guided trek. To avoid any surprises it’s important to know if a bus will be included, if there will be a cook and a mule driver, quantity of meals, whether water is included and how much weight you are required to carry. Some agencies provide equipment for camping but it is smart to check it before setting off. It’s also nice to know upfront who your guide is, how much you should tip him and how many other hiking fanatics will be on the trek.

If you are interested to find out more about trekking the Santa Cruz and Huaraz area just send us a message here!

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