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I have now been in Cusco for almost a year and I am never lost for things to do. This particular weekend I was accommodating some friends that came to town to tackle the famous Inca Trail.

However, before they headed off on their big adventure I felt it would be appropriate to go for a small acclimatization walk. I decided that Tipon would be just the place.

At first glance we could not help but be impressed by the sheer size of the complex and the intricate jigsaw piecing of the enormous stones placed in such a form to achieve perfectly flat and symmetrical surfaces.  The calculations that would have been made in order to accomplish this perfection included factors such as the gradient of the waterways and the angles of the channels that were constructed in order to slow the speed of the water.

Tipon: the perfect daytrip from Cusco!

Another example would be the tanks built at the base of each waterfall to act as a shock absorber and to encourage the infusion of oxygen into the water. The reason for this was due to the fact that the water originates from an underground spring and therefore contains very little oxygen. Not only were the physical features of the construction important, the engineers of Tipon also took into account the shape of the valley and surrounding mountains to act as a funnel for the warm air to concentrate in this area. This enabled them to grow crops that normally grow at about 800m. lower than that of Tipon, such as corn.

We were also told that Tipon was a place where the noble men of the Incas came to bathe and listen to the healing sound of the water. There is a perfect example of this practice in one part of the site where there are two seats on either side of a perfectly formed cascade of water. It was thought that the noble men and women would bathe in this water and all of their “sins” would be expelled through the bottom spout of the camber.

Tipon: the perfect daytrip from Cusco!

All in all it’s a wonderful site to walk around, enjoy the sun and learn more ancient culture of the Incas. On our return to Cusco we stopped at one of the “Chicharronarias” and enjoyed a true Peruvian meal of Adobo (rich, spicy pork soup), Chicharron (fried pork), Chicha Morada (purple corn juice) and Inca Cola (the yellow Peruvian variant of Coca Cola). The perfect end to a perfect day!

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