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Views 16 Jul Welcome to La Paz: big city flair and exciting excursions!
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This fascinating metropolis with well over 2 million inhabitants (paceños) is located high up in the Bolivian mountains, with thin air and strong winds. At 4000 meter altitude it is the highest capital city in the world, well de-facto, because the legal capital is Sucre with only 200,000 inhabitants.

La Paz is truly the cultural and political epicenter of Bolivia and one of the oldest cities on the continent. The government resides here, as well as the biggest universities, and it breathes an air of excitement coming from the dynamic blend between tradition and everything modern. As far as entertainment you can find upscale nightclubs for all night fiestas next to folkloric bars called Peñas.

Plaza San Francisco is the meeting point for tourists in town. Around the massive church you can find a throng of hostels, museums and convenience stores but also traditional street markets, where you can witness indigenous shamans at work and pick up on some of the most colorful handicrafts in South America.

Welcome to La Paz: big city flair and exciting excursions!

Besides enjoying all this urban hustle and bustle, you should not miss out on some of these day excursions while you are in town:

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