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The 28th and 29th of July are the dates for one of the biggest parties in the country. With immense devotion do the Peruvians commemorate every year the Declaration of Independence proclaimed by the ‘liberator’ José de San Martin in 1821.

While June is the month of religious festivals in Peru, July is the month of national pride. At the first day of the month, Peruvians start hanging the national flags from their houses, restaurants and offices. The entire country colors red and white, from cities to the most remote communities.  

Perus Independence Day Celebrations!

There are many events leading up to days of the ‘Fiestas Patrias’. On the night of the 27th, the plazas and public parks come alive with Peruvians singing ‘serenatas’ to the sounds of Creole music. The next day the patriotic celebrations officially start with a salvo of 21 cannon shots to announce the flag raising ceremony.  On the 28th of July, the president in office speaks out to the nation about the progress he has made up to date. He also attends the famous military parade the next day, traditionally in the center of the capital Lima.

Perus Independence Day Celebrations!

For Peruvians the whole weekend is just one big party. Bars, restaurants and discotheques go for theme nights resulting in massive turnover often surpassing Christmas in December. In the rural areas, cattle and agricultural fairs are celebrated together with typical customs of the Creole culture, such as bull- and cockfighting and Peruvian horse exhibitions. 

If you happen to here during the Independence Day in Peru weekend, join in the festivities of national pride. For tips where to go ask at the front desk of the Dos Manos Travel Agency in Cusco or contact us here!

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    Timothy Whithers 

    I think I will have to put this on my list of things to do on my South American adventure that I am planning! I love a good party and this certainly looks like a great excuse for a party!

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    South American Travel Blog 

    Hi Timothy! We would be happy to help you plan you trip to South America! If you have and questions or need any advise feel free to go to our website or contact us on ! Hope to hear from you soon!

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    It is great to see the Peruvians celebrating thier magnificent country with so much pride! Keep it up, I am coming back next year … te extraño Peru!!

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