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Views 20 Ago Colca Canyon: an unforgettable excursion!
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One of Peru’s most visited natural attractions is located 160 kilometers northwest of Arequipa. The Colca Canyon is the world’s deepest canyon, remarkably, over twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States!

The Colca River runs through the length of the Canyon, starting high up in the Andean mountain range, continuing along the rolling plains and eventually reaching the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps the most common reason for visitors to venture out to this unique natural habitat is to catch a glimpse of the endangered Andean Condor. These magnificent animals can be viewed best from the Cruz Del Condor lookout point; the birds are the largest in the world boasting an incredible wingspan of up to 3.2 meters, the length of an average sedan car!

Colca Canyon: an unforgettable excursion!

All Colca Canyon excursions depart from the beautiful white city of Peru, named Arequipa. At the dawn of day groups of eager visitors board a bus and drive for about 6 hours, stopping along the way for lunch and plenty of photo opportunities of pre-Inca terracing and some really impressive gorges. There are a number of choices to spend the afternoon, such as a moderate hike to a splendid viewpoint above the Canyon, a relaxing soak in the La Calera hot springs or enjoy an Arequipeña cerveza and dinner in the picturesque town of Chivay where friendly locals still live in their traditional dress.

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Views 07 Ago Top 10 Travel Destinations in Bolivia
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In this country of 1.1 million km² live only around 9 million people, mostly indigenous natives from the Aymará culture that live in the barren highlands of the Andes. Many lost wars, in which they also lost their passageway to the Pacific Ocean, have made this one of the poorest countries on earth. On the other side it is so rich in culture, religion and superlatives: Bolivia’s colorful city La Paz is the highest metropolis in the world (4000m.), the Titicaca Lake (with one part belonging to Peru) is the biggest sweet water lake in South America and the salt plains of Uyuni are the biggest salt desert of the world.

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Bolivia

These are also Bolivia’s most famous tourist attractions. However there is much more to explore on your holidays; imagine spending your days in a different world while discovering urban treasures in colonial style, booming folkloric festivals and the magic of nature in remote jungle lands.

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