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Views 22 Oct Top 10 not to miss travel destinations in Ecuador
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Numerous active volcano trips, eye-catching indigenous markets, dreamy colonial towns and gorgeous tropical beaches make this small Andean country a very special and exciting travel destination in South America.

There is so incredibly much to see. So to make your holiday planning a little less complicated, have a look at this shortlist of the most important highlights both on the southern and northern hemisphere:

  1. Quito
    Crown of the Andes
    The capital of Ecuador owes its nickname to its exceptional natural setting overshadowed by the magnificent volcano Pichincha and its rich colonial heritage. A very important city back in the days of the Incas and Spanish colonizers, Quito is now a World Heritage Site and major tourism hub of Ecuador. What makes it so special are the many urban highlights such as climbing the steep tower stairs of the Basílica Del Voto Nacional offering amazing views and the notorious nightlife scene.

  2. Otavalo
    The Colorful North
    In the shadow of even more volcanos is the world famous market of Otavalo. Indigenous villagers from the wide vicinity come here to trade finely woven textiles, food and animals in a flamboyant showdown. Not far from here you can stand with one leg on the southern and the other leg on the northern hemisphere of the earth at the equator memorial line.

  3. Top 10 not to miss travel destinations in Ecuador
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