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Numerous active volcano trips, eye-catching indigenous markets, dreamy colonial towns and gorgeous tropical beaches make this small Andean country a very special and exciting travel destination in South America.

There is so incredibly much to see. So to make your holiday planning a little less complicated, have a look at this shortlist of the most important highlights both on the southern and northern hemisphere:

  1. Quito
    Crown of the Andes
    The capital of Ecuador owes its nickname to its exceptional natural setting overshadowed by the magnificent volcano Pichincha and its rich colonial heritage. A very important city back in the days of the Incas and Spanish colonizers, Quito is now a World Heritage Site and major tourism hub of Ecuador. What makes it so special are the many urban highlights such as climbing the steep tower stairs of the Basílica Del Voto Nacional offering amazing views and the notorious nightlife scene.

  2. Otavalo
    The Colorful North
    In the shadow of even more volcanos is the world famous market of Otavalo. Indigenous villagers from the wide vicinity come here to trade finely woven textiles, food and animals in a flamboyant showdown. Not far from here you can stand with one leg on the southern and the other leg on the northern hemisphere of the earth at the equator memorial line.

  3. Top 10 not to miss travel destinations in Ecuador

  4. Mindo
    Fly like Tarzan
    At this side of the forest you will find an incredibly gorgeous area for eco-tourism in Ecuador. Here you can hike or zip-line through a thick canopy with many waterfalls and lakes surrounding you. After dark a whole different world salutes you when the forest comes alive with glowing and fluorescent flora and fauna. Mindo is an amazingly refreshing weekend getaway from Quito.

  5. The Quilotoa Loop
    Andean Thrills
    One of the most spectacular hikes in Ecuador is the track around the Quilotoa crater lake characterized by its stunningly bright turquoise water and the many appealing highland villages dotting the road. For those that cannot get enough of the beautiful scenery and charm of the local Andean communities there are many more mountaineering opportunities in the cloud forests of the Ilinizas Reserve.

  6. Cotopaxi Volcano
    Climb to Heaven
    Arguably the highest active volcano in the world offers a ton of adventure. The best way to enjoy the glittering views and contrasting landscapes is a hiking excursion to Cotopaxi volcano’s snowline at 4,800 meters altitude and descend by mountain bike. Here you get to truly feel one with nature in its most dazzling contours, part of the street of giants, known as the avenue of volcanos ending near Cuenca.

  7. Top 10 not to miss travel destinations in Ecuador

  8. Baños
    Gateway to the Jungle
    Baños is all about water. It is the perfect place to soak and relax in therapeutic hot springs, take a bath under a waterfall or go rafting on the river Pastaza, whose spectacular gorge is the gateway to the Amazon region. The dense green cloud forests also offer ideal circumstances for horseback riding or mountain biking and you might even spot a mountain tapir.

  9. Cuyabeno National Reserve
    The Exotic Oriente
    Traveling by boat will lure you deep into the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, greeted by hundreds of exotic birds and primeval jungle dwellers. You will have a chance to get up and close with native communities, do some piranha fishing and caiman spotting while paddling in traditional canoes exploring this absolutely fascinating green wonder.

  10. Guayaquil
    Old vs New
    The biggest city in the country is both modern and conscious about traditions and is an exciting starting point to the diverse 640 km long Ecuadorian coastline. At the museum Banco Pacifico you can see Ecuador’s biggest archaeological treasure, the more than 5100 years old Venus of Valdivia, a divine feminine ceramic talisman.

  11. Top 10 not to miss travel destinations in Ecuador

  12. Montañitos
    Beach Bumming
    Out of all the beautiful beaches of Ecuador, Montañitas is a must-visit if you fancy all day and night parties and tropical cocktails. Other laid-back meeting points along the coast are Atacamas with its fine white sand, Puerto Lopez for whale watching and deep-sea fishing, Mompiche and Canoa for its fantastic seafood. Each one an odyssey towards relaxation.

  13. Galapagos Islands
    Nature’s Laboratory
    This fascinating archipelago located at over 1000 kilometers from the Ecuadorian coast, is the most undisturbed natural habitat in existence. It’s so isolated that 50% of its wildlife species, such as giant tortoises and iguanas cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Besides studying the creatures like Charles Darwin did to proof his evolution theory, nature lovers can enjoy some of the best snorkeling, diving and volcano hiking ever!

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    Else van der Sloot 

    I love Montañitos! I spent 2 months studying Spanish at the beach. I have seen most of these places but still want the Orient! Next time…

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    Steven de Wind 

    I booked the Cotopaxi climb through Dos Manos travel agency!! Incredible experience. Thanks again for making it all happen!

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    Dos Manos Travel Specialist 

    Thank you for your kind words Steven! We always do our utmost best arranging the best excursions and roundtrips anywhere in South America! For a complete offer of our services visit the website 🙂

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    It has always been my dream to visit the Galapagos Islands! I make sure I contact you when I am ready..hopefully by february!

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    Dos Manos Travel Specialist 

    If you are in CANNOT afford to not visit the Galapagos. It is one truly remarkable place! We offer two different excursions, one with a 5 day duration and the other with a more flexible timeframe from 4 – 8 days. With the latter you get to visit the islands of your choice by boat: San Cristobal, Baltra, Santa Fe and Santa Cruz and take maximum advantage of sightseeing during the days! There is incredibly much to see!

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    I was in Banos 15 years ago and I really liked it, would love to go back some day.

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    Such a lovely destination to visit. A vacation in such a place can bring back vitality in one’s life..

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    Agree with the writer, these ten travel destinations are must see, I saw them in my last visit to the South American country in my 3 month visit. I traveled using LAN Airlines and found their services best.

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