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If you are lucky enough to be in Cusco throughout the festive season, you will have a chance to experience a Christmas very different than you are probably used to. Cusco will become the vibrant center point of celebration for Andean communities and tourist alike.

Soak up the spirit of Christmas in Cusco by following these suggestions and you are bound to have a very rewarding and magical Christmas time:

  1. Share chocolate and smiles.
  2. Every year, our partner AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco organizes a chocolatada on the 22nd of December, to give something back to the less privileged. Join us while visiting an Andean community in the Sacred Valley and give these children a reason to smile by giving out hot chocolate, snacks, toys and clothes.

  3. Buy a saint or Emanualito.
  4. On 24th December craftsmen from all over the country will flock to the Plaza to transform it into the most charming and diverse Christmas markets of Peru: Santurantikuy .
    Purchase some last minute gifts, such as Emanualito a baby Jesus doll, and stroll along the hundreds of colorful stalls with a steaming hot punch.


  5. Attend the Mass of the Roosters.
  6. On the evening of the 24th December the Cusco cathedral of Santo Domingo will open its massive doors for a stunning Christmas mass. The Misa de Gallo will finish around 11:30pm to get you home for midnight presents, as is the Peruvian tradition. It may be in an unfamiliar language, but it is the spiritual chance of a lifetime.

  7. Search for Higher Grounds.
  8. The colonial center will be hosting some magnificent decorations, nativity scenes and lighting. The best way to appreciate this is at night, from one of the many balconies lining the square. Whether it is dinner, a Pisco Sour or a hot chocolate, you can watch preparations for Christmas and New Year from your vantage point.

  9. Take your picture with a Christmas Llama.
  10. Yes it’s touristy; yes they might charge you 1 Sol, but a photo with a cute llama together with local girls in bright folkloric dresses and the impressive Inca walls in the background, might end up being one of your favorite photos during your time of travel in Peru, and it’s the nearest thing to a reindeer around.

    Cusco Fiestas

  11. Join a Christmas Cooking Class.
  12. This year our partner AMAUTA Spanish School extended its Spanish and Peruvian cooking workshop, with a special Christmas cooking class where you get to prepare, learn the recipes and of course taste typical Peruvian Christmas sweets and snacks. Impress your friends or get your appetite going for your Christmas dinner feast.

  13. Go on a Walkabout.
  14. We organize cultural exchanges with indigenous communities as well as treks to Machu Picchu during the festive season. Hiking an Inca trail is a very special endeavor where you get to confront both nature and your own soul, making your time in Cusco truly memorable.

  15. Burn your Old Clothes.
  16. Every neighborhood of Cusco will have its communal area, where people can burn old clothes and things that they no longer want in their lives on New Year’s Eve. This signifies starting the year afresh, and is a perfect excuse to start backpacking in Peru more lightly.

    Pisco Sour

  17. Go Yellow.
  18. Part of the tradition of New Year’s Eve in Cusco is to wear yellow underwear, supposedly bringing you nothing but good luck. After the New Year celebrations, Cusco will transform itself into a city decorated in all-things yellow, from balloons and ribbons to confetti and flowers.

  19. Hit the Plaza for New Years’s Eve.
  20. An absolute must. The Plaza starts to fill early with people who traditionally eat 12 grapes and excitedly wait for the turn of the clock, when the Plaza de Armas explodes with electrifying cheers, abrazos, music and of course a gigantic firework show that Cusco is famous for.

Need more details? Do not hesitate to contact Dos Manos travel agency in Cusco! Hope to see you at the Plaza and if not, ¡te deseamos un feliz navidad y un prospero Año Nuevo!

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  1. 1

    Oh so I don’t need to choose! I get to have a Peruvian feast on the evening of the 24th, with turkey or chicken, followed by paneton and chocolate. And on the 25th have a Christmas dinner like home! Guess I still can go to The Real McCoy 😉

  2. 2

    What are those shots?

  3. 3
    Dos Manos Travel Specialist 

    Hola Connely..I couldnt tell you but I do know that the Kokopelli hostel in Cusco serves these traffic light shots all night…and for free!

  4. 4

    Cusco without fireworks is like Machu Picchu without all year occurence

  5. 5

    Am i glad that i have some yellow panties with me 😉

  6. 6

    I really admire the chocolatadas put on by the many companies in Cusco..most are held at the offices in town but few go out to the Valley and visit the communities that are most in need.

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