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During its fifth edition in South America, the famous Dakar Rally will be hosted by three countries that already have revealed their magnificent natural charms in recent years. From the 5th to the 20th of January engines begin to roar again to traverse more than 8000 kilometers in Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Lima to San Pedro
For the first time in the Dakar’s history, the Peruvian desert enters the scene in the early stages of the rally. With the start podium in Lima, where the Pacific coastal neighborhoods of Chorrillos and Magdalena were chosen as the grounds for the technical and administrative controls, the race kicks off into the coastal desert land towards Pisco, Nazca and the sierra of Arequipa. Even though the starting days are less difficult than the following, allowing tension to gradually work its way up, it’s clear that the 2013 Dakar Rally leaves absolutely no room for improvisation. Crossing the border into the vast Atacama Desert of Chile, the race will see a grueling desert journey to the town of Calama, where the natural beauty of the Death Valley near San Pedro de Atacama will speak to the imagination of the pilots and onlookers alike.


Direction Argentina
On January 11 the convoy speeds into Argentina through the Paso de Jama, spending the night in the beautiful city of Salta. The rally will delve into a different type of environment where riders will face a wide range of terrains favoring only the most versatile racecars. Adaptability will be crucial in successfully managing this leg of the race. The competition continues on the 12th navigating across the Calchaquíes Valleys, where the best places to watch the race are near Cafayate and the town of Santa Maria (Campo de los Pozuelos), into the lush Cuesta del Indo towards San Miguel de Tucumán. Tucumán has been called the capital of the race and it’s here where the pilots will find salvation by having the chance to charge their own batteries with a full day rest. On the 14th the race marches on to the city of Cordoba where the Ambargasta salt flats allow for dazzling speeds. The next day the route continues to move northwest of Cordoba into the hills of La Rioja.


Chile on the last gasp
The last day of the competition in Argentina is promising to end in a very exciting finale. It includes a major test of driving skills that only makes the toughest desert riders feel at ease, when they have to steer over the most impressive and highest white sand dunes in South America. Those adventures that still remain in the competition at this stage will once again cross the border into Chile through the Paso San Francisco onto an extremely hostile path towards the town of Copiapó. The last challenge of resistance is a series of extreme dunes and other first category difficulties before the pilots complete the rally in Santiago de Chile, where they can be sure to be received with great cheers and honor.

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