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With a weekend to spare in Cusco – Peru, I thought I’d get down to some furious activity in and around Cusco city. I opted for a Sacred Valley tour on Saturday, before a Sunday afternoon’s quad biking. Needless to say it was a great weekend!


The Sacred Valley tour took us first to a small artisan centre just outside Pisac, where we wondered around the stalls and checking out the vast array of potential souvenirs and alpaca-wear that was on offer.

Sacred Valley Tour & Quad Biking in Cusco Peru

We then head to the Pisac ruins – a very impressive set of ruins and terraces on an isolated mountaintop. The guide we had was excellent and told us of old Inca traditions along with the functions of each site. A short stop in the town followed, before our transfer for lunch.

A truly gorgeous lunch at a great spot was just between Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, and by these ruins I was blown away – they are second only to Machu Picchu in my book. Built into the mountainside, they now overlook the town of Ollantaytambo, making views spectacular and increasing my appreciation for the Inca’s skill in building wherever they pleased. We stopped off at Chinchero, a stunning small town, on the way back, arriving well after dark after a full days exploring and learning.


Sacred Valley Tour & Quad Biking in Cusco Peru

Quad biking, the following day, couldn’t have been more different. Strong rainfalls overnight and in the morning created perfect biking conditions, with lots of puddles to go through at high speeds! Starting in the low part of the city, we used main roads to get onto our track quickly, at which point we climbed for what seemed an age.

Things levelled out into a dirt track and before long opened out, where we were able to race and experiment more with our quad bikes. I have to say this is so much better than anything I’ve done back home in the UK, where you head around the same track again and again. Here we had distant views of the impressive Sacsayhuaman ruins, which just shows how far we came across the trip. The aforementioned rain meant for some great moments, where we would try and get each other as wet and muddy as possible. The guide drove ahead whilst a secondary guide filmed what was going on, so we also have some great memories and videos to take with us.

Sacred Valley Tour & Quad Biking in Cusco Peru

All in all, a wonderful way to spend a weekend in Cusco, with a bit of culture mixed with some adrenaline-fuelled fun!

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    Wow, this is definitely something I want to do when I’m in Cusco next month. Thanks Mark!

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    Can this tour also be done if I have no experience at all??

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    This sounds like great fun and I like the photos.

    What is the price, more or less, for a half a day tour?

  4. Wow, very interesting! Must include this on my top holiday destinations list. I would love to try to this with my friends. This must be really fun!

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    Nice and very intesting Post, Thanks Mark.

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