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Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina

Carnival all over South America is approaching this weekend, and so wherever you are on the Spanish-speaking side of the continent, these are the best places to go:

Cajamarca, or, The Sacred Valley of the Incas (Cusco), Peru

Here you can take part in the cutting of the ‘yunsa’ – a big tree adorned with prizes up for grabs when it falls, and witness the extravagant processions and traditional music and dances. Cajamarca is known as the capital of Carnival in Peru, and is well worth the visit. Water fights will also be a bit feature in Peru, especially in the Andes. Kids and adults alike will be throwing water balloons on unsuspecting victims as they roam the streets. Just outside Cusco, the Sacred Valley has many towns that will be celebrating in the same way as Cajamarca, with a ‘yunsa’, just slightly more low key, so if you’re in the south, head to Cusco’s Sacred Valley and visit villages like Calca, Pisac, or Urubamba.

The Best Places to visit Carnival in South America

Oruro, Bolivia

Some say this is the best place for Carnival outside of Brazil; a celebration of the patron saint of the miners, participants dress up as devils, angels, conquistadors and Incas. It has become a ‘masterpiece of Oral Heritage’ according to UNESCO, and tourists can get up close and personal with all celebrations.

Montevideo, Uruguay

The longest Carnival celebration in the world, lasting 40 days, these parades are European style with influences from Angola, due to their colonial slave routes. Theatres are set up all over the city for small opera-style performances, or concerts showcasing the best of Uruguayan music.

The Best Places to visit Carnival in South America

Gualeguaychú, Argentina

Here in the Entre Ríos province this float-based parade takes place in the corsodromo, designed specifically for Carnival. Occurring each weekend in between late January and early March, this weekend this town will have a much bigger parade and fiesta afterwards, and is the best place in Argentina to go for the festive period.

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