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Every year in Cusco the week leading up to Easter ´Semana Santa´ sees the streets full of animated and excited processions which will this year, 2013, be taking place from Sunday the 24th to Sunday the 31st of March.

The first day, ´Domingo de Ramos´ (Palm Sunday) is when Peruvian families in Cusco and other cities, will go to church together; to bring palms and seek blessings. The next day, Monday, is a special day exclusive to Cusco with celebrations reserved for ´El Senor de los Tremblores´(The Lord of the Earthquakes), the patron saint of the city of Cusco. Tribute is given to ´El Senor´ in the form of a beautiful statue of the saint, adorned and carried as part of a procession through the old streets of the city. This parade begins at around 2pm and goes until the evening, when the saint is taken to the cathedral in the Plaza de Armas to be blessed; thousands of people come to the plaza to see this sight, and the huge square is full every year.  This is something you would not want to miss, when you are in Cusco or elsewhere in southern Peru these days.

Semana Santa o Pascua en Cusco

During Semana Santa, traditional Easter sweets and cakes can be seen on offer all throughout Cusco, San Pedro market in particular has a huge selection of sweet treats and special bread.

On Good Friday in Cusco, which this year falls on March 29th, local families partake in the ´Doce Platos´ custom of twelve plates of food for lunch! This big meal is then followed by a period of fasting, as a way of remembering Jesus´ last supper with his twelve disciples. The week’s final procession takes place very early the following morning, when young men from Cusco carry a cross from Plaza de San Francisco in the center of Cusco, up to the Incan mountain ruins of Sacsaywaman. From Sacsaywaman the procession can look out over the whole city of Cusco, and the cross remains there until the week after Easter. On Easter Sunday most families will go to church in the morning and then spend the rest of the day at home together, where they will eat a traditional meal.

Semana Santa o Pascua en Cusco

The Semana Santa is a beautiful time to be in Cusco and partake in all of the long-established customs it includes, and Cusco is a great starting point to explore the whole of the beautiful and historic Sacred Valley of the Incas and – of course – Machu Picchu. Contact Dos Manos today to book your place on one of our many tours in and around Cusco (and the Sacred Valley) this Easter, please visit or write to

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    Customs in Cusco well highlighted and interesting, I recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about this city and its customs come by these days.

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    ‘Doce platos’ that rich!!!

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    it sounds very interenting!, I would like to travel to see its customs, and taste their delicious foods!.

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