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Views 31 Mar El Apu Pachatusan in Cusco (the one that sustains the world)
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Whenever one thinks of the mountains, they either think of something majestic, mysterious and tremendous in terms of sites, nature and esthetic impressions or they just grin reminiscent of a sweat-abundant and strenuous walk they would rather avoid. For me mountains were like this, a nice but a rather tiresome place to hike for a day or two. Well, people change. Opinions change. Now that I live in Peru I cannot imagine living far away from these outstanding artifacts of nature. Whenever possible, I set off for a weekend-hike to discover new places “off the beaten track” around Cusco.

El Apu Pachatusan in Cusco
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Views 04 Mar Argentine Gaucho Culture in San Antonio de Areco
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Buenos Aires is a lot more livable than most other big cities I´ve been to, but sometimes you still just need to get out of town. I realized as much last month when the heavy urbanity of the capital started to really weigh on me. Now, I´m a city girl and have only lived in cities. But for me, sane city dwelling must be interjected by quick jaunts to clean air and open skies. And so it was last weekend that I found myself at Retiro station boarding a bus headed for San Antonio de Areco.

It’s a two hour journey to Areco, which is just enough time to watch the scenery turn from concrete urban density to the classically flat green lushness of the Argentine campo. When my husband and I got off the bus, we instantly felt at peace. Walking the few blocks from the bus station to the center we were so pleased to breathe the clear air, and our pace slowed as we released the city rush and accomodated to the much slower rhythm of the pampas.

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Views 18 Dic Peru Recaptures World’s Biggest Cebiche Title
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300 chefs create a 6, 8 Ton Cebiche for the certified Guinness World Record

Peru Recaptures World's Biggest Cebiche TitlePeru on Sunday reclaimed the Guinness world record for the largest cebiche after 300 chefs made almost seven tons of the country’s signature dish, a citrus-marinated seafood appetizer, enough to feed 40,000 people.

All it took to recover its place as world record holder for the largest cebiche, an honor it had lost to Mexico in 2007, was five tons of white fish, lots of lime juice, onions, chili pepper and salt. To contain the cebiche, organizers used an aluminum container about 30 meters (yards) long, which was set up inside a sports center in Peru’s main port, which is part of greater Lima. The cooks who prepared the cebiche, most of them graduates of Lima cooking schools, spent the night cutting and cleaning the fish so that they could actually prepare the dish in a little over an hour on Sunday morning.

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Every major city in Peru has taxis and they are available in abundance and are not so expensive. It is not uncommon for travelers, particularly in groups, to use a cab to get from one town to another, since the fare, when divided, is often not more expensive than a minibus, and the ride considerably more comfortable. However there are no meters and fares are to be fixed before the ride. Passengers must always negotiate the price of a taxi or mototaxi ride with the driver before entering the vehicle.  This is very important, because if driver and passenger are not settled on the price, the passenger might find him or herself paying much more than necessary for the ride.In order to get advantage of taxis service, to feel safe and enjoy the view outside the window, it’s important to check few information before leaving!

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