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Views 30 May ¡Cómo sacar el máximo provecho de la ciudad de Buenos Aires! Top 5 actividades que debes hacer.

Buenos Aires es un lugar muy interesante,intrigante y maravilloso. Ideal para los amantes de la cultura y dar paseos por la ciudad, también para aprender español en Argentina en una de las más modernas, y profesionales Escuelas de español en Buenos Aires, para participar en las diferentes opciones de Trabajo Voluntario y trabajo comunitario en Buenos Aires, o simplemente solo para vivir alli un tiempo.

Buenos Aires ofrece un increíble número de oportunidades. Éstos son sólo algunos ejemplos de las actividades esenciales de la capital Argentina de Buenos Aires, cinco razones importantes para visitar Buenos Aires.

Por ser tan increíblemente verde

Bosques de Palermo, ArgentinaLos «Bosques de Palermo» es una zona verde de 25 hectáreas situada en el centro del barrio de Palermo, en el corazón de la gran ciudad de Buenos Aires. La zona es conocida por sus bosques, lagos y jardines de rosas y cada día los argentinos se apropian del lugar, a pie o en bicicleta. También es posible tomar un paseo en un bote de remos en uno de los tres lagos artificiales. En esta zona de Buenos Aires puedes encontrar el pacífico Jardín Japonés, el hermoso Jardín de Rosas de Palermo con su Patio Andaluz, el Jardín Zoológico de entretenimiento, y los relajantes Jardines Botánicos. Los Bosques de Palermo son un oasis urbano y son perfectos para escapar de las multitudes y las concurridas calles de la ciudad.

Por su fiebre artística: El Caminito

El Caminito (La Boca)Esta antigua vía de almacenamiento se ha convertido en uno de las calles ¡más famosas de Buenos Aires! Inspiró a Juan de Dios Filiberto en el año 1920, que compuso un tango llamado “el Caminito”. En la década de 1950, el teatro de la calle apareció, y en el 1970 la población con su lado artístico consiguió la autorización para mostrar su arte en la calle, entonces las casas se convirtieron de multicoliridas. Esta calle de 100 metros de largo se convirtió en un ¡símbolo de Buenos Aires y la calle peatonal se considera ahora un museo al aire libre! Podrás disfrutar de cantantes y bailarines de tango, adquirir obras de los artesanos, admirar pinturas, cerámicas y las representaciones de personajes de la historia argentina como Carlos Gardel y Maradona. ¡Este lugar sin lugar a dudas es único e irrepetible!

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Views 30 May How to get the most out of the city of Buenos Aires! Top 5 must-do activities Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an intriguing city, an amazing place to visit and experience. Ideal for (cultural) city trips, for learning Spanish in Argentina at one of the modern and professional Spanish language schools of Buenos Aires, for participating in the different options for volunteer work and community work that Buenos Aires offers, or just living there for a while as an expat.
Buenos Aires offers an amazing number of opportunities. Here are just a few examples of the essential activities of Argentina´s capital of Buenos Aires, and these are exactly five important reasons for a visit to Buenos Aires.

For being so amazingly green ?

Bosques de Palermo, ArgentinaThe « Bosques de Palermo » are a green zone of 25 ha. situated in the center of the neighborhood of Palermo, right in the heart of the big city of Buenos AIres. The area is well-known for its groves, lakes, and rose garden, the Argentinians, on foot or by bike. It’s also possible to take a ride in a rowboat on one of three artificial lakes. In this area of Buenos Aires, you´ll find the peaceful Japanese Garden, the lovely Rose Garden of Palermo with its Andalusian Patio, the entertaining Zoological Gardens, and the relaxing Botanical Gardens! The Bosques de Palermo are an urban oasis and a perfect escape from the crowds and the busy streets of the city itself!

For the artistic fiber : El Caminito (La Boca)

El Caminito (La Boca)What was formerly a storage area has become one the most celebrated street of Buenos Aires! It inspired Juan de Dios Filiberto, back in the 1920’s, to compose a tango called »el Caminito »! In the 1950’s, the street theatre appeared, in the 1970’s local artists became authorized to display their art in the street and the houses became multi-colored. This 100-meter long pedestrian street has become a symbol of Buenos Aires, and is now considered an outdoor museum! Here you can enjoy singing, tango dancing, browse the craftsmen´s works, and admire paintings, ceramics, and the representations of prominent figures from Argentine history, such as Carlos Gardel and Maradona. This place is definitely unique and unforgettable!

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Views 25 Jun Excursions in Mendoza
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Mendoza is worldwide famous for two things: its fine wine and great outdoor sports due to its location on the shoulders of the Andes mountain range. A gorgeous city with its three-lined city’s boulevards, nice architecture with indigenous and colonial influences and not forgetting the many restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs make this an extremely popular travel destination in Argentina to hang out for a while.

Enough temptation to convince us to pay Mendoza a visit, in spite its 14 hours by bus from Buenos Aires. I know it sounds terribly long, but since we arranged for a ‘cama suite’, a luxurious chair/bed with its own TV screen, it was very comfortable and we even got champagne and really good wine!
There are many places to stay the night and we picked a beautiful Bed & Breakfast with its own vineyard and swimming pool. We were really lucky to be there at the right time just when the harvesting season commenced!

Excursions in Mendoza

There are many world-renowned bodegas close to Mendoza which are well worth visiting, even if you’re not a wine lover. Organized trips are available but if you have the energy and want to be a little more adventurous its worth hiring a bicycle and choose your own route. 

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Views 22 May My Top 5 South America Travel Destinations
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Ingmar Griffioen, a.k.a. El Grifo, spent nine weeks travelling the continent and to study Spanish in Buenos Aires and in Cusco. We, at Dos Manos Travel Agency asked him what he enjoyed the most. In his response, he said he would have loved to stay longer and enjoy the many new friendships with his fellow students at the AMAUTA Spanish School, as well as visit more places. Even so, he provided us with a Top 5 of his most beautiful and impressive travel experiences in South America:

  1. Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu

    My Top 5 South America Travel Destinations One of the seven recent world wonders and the place on your ‘to-see’ list in Latin America. Due to its superb setting, which makes the ‘lost city’ invisible from the valley below, the Spanish conquistadores were, thankfully, oblivious to its existence. The impressive Inca ruins have only been discovered about 100 years ago, but the proximity to the fascinating old capital of the Incas, Cusco, and the unbelievable experience of hiking the Wayna Picchu mountain offering its majestic views over the remains of Machu Picchu as well as the green Urubamba river valley flanked by the peaks of the mighty Andes mountains, make this a true number 1.

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Views 30 Abr On staying put or travelling and the benefits of a little bit of water…
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Most people I’ve met through my Spanish language school AMAUTA are travellers. They come to Buenos Aires, mostly at the start of their journey, to learn or improve their Spanish and after a few weeks they move on to explore other parts of Argentina and some even the rest of Latin America.

I am more of a go-to-somewhere-new-and-hang-out-there-for-a-while kind of girl. I wanted to write my first book here and therefore I arranged for a place to stay for four months because whenever I travel, I get distracted and distraction was not what I thought I needed.

On staying put or travelling and the benefits of a little bit of water

But being among travellers does something to you. It has to do with the remarkable stories, splendid facebook pictures and the sparkle in their eyes when they talk about their adventures. Some of my friends went on extended weekends to the Iguazu waterfalls and/or Uruguay during their time at Amauta and came back beaming. ‘I am here to stay’, I thought at first. ‘No need to leave and get all worked up about a World Heritage Site (Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay) or the most magnificent cascades of the southern hemisphere.’ But it didn’t last. I succumbed. ‘A trip or two won’t harm me’, I told myself when I booked my trip to Iguazu. And of course it didn’t.
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Views 26 Dic Tigre: A Relaxing Day or Weekend Trip from Buenos Aires, Argentina

The majestic town of Tigre is located on the Parana Delta only 28km north of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina and it is easily accessible by both train and bus. This scenic town, which was founded in 1820, actually sits on an island! The name Tigre is a result of the jaguars, which were hunted in this same area in the very beginning of the town’s history.

The town was founded and settled by European farmers and quickly became a lively port town, specializing in the transportation of fruit and wood up and down the Parana River.

Tigre: A Relaxing Day or Weekend Trip from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nowadays, Tigre is known for being a naturally beautiful resort town, which has a lot to offer tourists who are interested in sightseeing and shopping! Tourists can choose to tour the rivers and streams of the Parana Delta by motorboat or commuter launch.

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Views 30 Nov Buenos Aires ranks as one of the world’s most livable, entertaining cities!
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Looking to live in a livable city?
Look no further. According to the 2010 World Ranking of Mercer’s Quality of Life, Buenos Aires ranks as the 78th most livable city in the world! Mercer’s Quality of Life index measures ten key categories, including: political, social, and economic environment, medical and health considerations, public services, transport, housing, recreation, education, and ecological quality (waste removal, water availability and cleanliness, etc.). Vienna, Italy takes the number one ranking.

Buenos Aires ranks as one of the world’s most livable, entertaining cities!

So, when you book your trip to Argentina, make sure to delegate ample time to get to know Buenos Aires and its culture. You never know, one day you may want to live in such an amazing city!

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Views 03 Mar Highlights of Northern Argentina
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After spending over three months in vibrant Buenos Aires, it was time to say goodbye to all the things that made me fall in love with this truly amazing city.  Goodbye to the lovely locals or Porteños that I met, the Plaza Serrano where I drank with friends, the fabulous parrilla barbeque restaurants, the fútbol matches, the beautiful Costanera Avenue where I had a choripan (bread with chorizo sausage) and the Recoleta market where I sat in the sun with a beer on Sundays.  Time went fast; but I was ready for a change.  Next destination: Salta, Northern Argentina.

Highlights of Northern Argentina
Salta, established in 1852, attracts many visitors because of its splendid location in the Andes.  Salta is surrounded by vineyards and beautiful scenery from mountains to desert.  The city itself has beautiful colonial architecture from the 18th and 19th century.

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Views 17 Dic Good reasons to spend Christmas or New Year–or any other time during the year-in Buenos Aires City!
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Buenos Aires is an impulsive city, famous for its diversity, especially in architecture, and its passion when it comes to dancing and it offers nearly everything a travelers heart could desire.

One is always accompanied by tango and the rhythm of the Porteños. For example, on the wonderful and multifarious fair in Recoleta or while walking along the Florida Avenue and even in the Subte (Subway). The city reaches out for you and wants you to experience her for every single minute. Go to the barrios (neighborhoods) in the north and you will find a variety of designer and second hand shops in Palermo; a lively neighborhood with a lot of bars and nightclubs. And for a more relaxed atmosphere there is a great forest nearby, called the Bosques de Palermo. The Palermo Woods are the biggest park in Buenos Aires with small lakes and a great forest. The botanic garden and the Zoo can be reached within walking distance from the Subway station Plaza Italia (Line D).

Good reasons to spend Christmas or New Year–or any other time during the year-in Buenos Aires City!
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Views 27 Ago Trips to Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)

A nice option for those who need to renew their tourist visa in Argentina, and for those who are looking for a nice day or weekend trip just outside Buenos Aires, is to cross the ‘Río de la Plata’ by ferry, and visit the city of Colonia, in Uruguay.

The city of ‘Colonia del Sacramento’ was founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, and in the 17th century it was an important centre for smuggling British goods across the Río de la Plata into the Spanish colonies.  It is now an attractive and quiet place, with a nice historic center and beaches that are worth a visit.

Trips to Colonia del Sacramento
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