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Views 24 Mar Argentina: Sweeter in the South!

Argentina is world-renowned for its fine wine and meat, offered to visitors at bargain-basement prices unimaginable in the north of the Americas or in Europe. While the quality of traditional Argentine foodstuffs is high throughout the provinces of this vast country, there are other items which vary dramatically with geographical location. For example, European visitors spending extended periods of time in Buenos Aires tend to lament the lack of tasty chocolate on offer in the city (although it should be said that the Argentine sweet and cake alternatives are numerous, often filled with lashings of dulce de leche similar in flavour to caramel but slightly richer as an alternative to chocolate!) Furthermore, Quilmes, the ubiquitous Argentine staple where cervezas are concerned, whilst extremely cheap, leaves lovers of beer and ale decidedly underwhelmed.

For these reasons, lovers of chocolate and beer shouldn’t bypass the opportunity to sample the gastronomical delights on offer in the south of Argentina and the region of Rio Negro specifically. The city of San Carlos de Bariloche (more commonly referred to as just Bariloche) is famous for its chocolate in particular, and the main avenida is jam-packed with shops selling freshly-made chocolates, some of which can only be described as cocoa supermarkets! The chocolates come in all shapes and sizes with a mind-boggling array of flavours and fillings to choose from (the ice cream here is also not to be missed!). While the quality of the products in all the shops is generally excellent, favourite brands for many include Mamuschka (www.mamuschka.com) and Abuela Goye (www.abuelagoye.com.ar).

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Views 24 Feb Beach bumming – in Patagonia Argentina!
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The lack of “quality” beaches is regularly identified by locals and tourists as one of the few absences in Argentina’s otherwise rich and diverse physical geography. While many porteños migrate to the coastal zones of Buenos Aires Province (Mar del Plata, Pinamar, Miramar etc.) during the exceptionally warm summer months of January and February, the majority concede that beaches in the coastal zones of Uruguay and Brazil are far superior. However, if you look hard enough there are a number of spectacular beaches and coves to be found inland, alongside the lakes of northern Patagonia. These don’t necessarily subscribe to the traditional beach resort model but do offer unique locations to lap up the sun and take a dip in the crystal clear waters which flow from the surrounding mountains of the Andes.

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Nightlife in Buenos Aires
It was a sunny September morning in the great city of Buenos Aires. My friends and I were waking up from yet another night out on the town, Porteño Style. (NOTE- in this city people don’t go out to the bars and discotheques until two or three in the morning–afternoons are the new mornings). As we sipped our Cafe Con Leche, eager to embrace the fleeting day, we decided upon a plan of action: it was time to for La Boca. Unknowing of what was to come, we began our journey.

La Boca, or “the mouth” holds a very special place in the hearts of Porteños. In many ways, it can be seen as a symbol of Argentinean Culture. While you might be thinking that this barrio has been given such a name in honor of its inhabitants–a people characterized by rapid, loud, and incessant talking– this is not quite the case. La Boca is home to the opening or “mouth,” of the Riachuelo River, the first natural port in Buenos Aires. This water way offers a nice beak from the hustle and bustle of the city center. On a clear day you can catch local fisherman and their families taking antiquated sail boats for a ride. Read the rest of this page »

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In front of closed doors

Buenos Aires quite rightly holds a reputation for its unrelenting and diverse night life offering countless theatres, clubs, bars and restaurants to keep porteños (people of the port) and visitors occupied. There’s certainly more than enough to do behind the doors of the city’s night-time haunts (for a good resource on keeping up to date with the daily range of events see: www.vuenosairez.com) but there are other more unofficial events taking place on the streets themselves. Indeed, a surprising aspect of life in the city particularly for northern European visitors is the sheer number of people walking the streets after dark. Perhaps most famous amongst these nocturnal activities are when the locals gather in the plazas, seemingly spontaneously, to dance tango and drink mate. Less well publicised and harder to track down are the groups of graffiti artists working their magic on the walls of buildings throughout the city.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires

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Views 30 Jun A Day Trip Out of the City of Buenos Aires: Go to Tigre!
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Looking to get away from the hustle bustle of colectivos? Grab a train and head to Tigre, a city about an hour outside of Buenos Aires. While peak season (the middle of summer) is packed, fall and spring are very welcoming. The fact that the train costs less than 3 pesos round trip makes it that much better.

Tigre is usually known as a destination for porteños to get out of the city. It has a great amusement park called Parque de la Costa, great boating (catamarans, canoes, kayaks, other river tours), camping, green space, and great restaurants. These are all the things that I encountered in a relatively short trip there one Saturday afternoon. I’m sure there are many more hidden gems to be uncovered.

El Tigre

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Are you like many others who think that Monday is the most boring night of the week? Well, if you are in Buenos Aires, you will be sorely mistaken. If you head up to Cultural Center Konex Monday nights will become your favorite night of the week. Your week will begin with rhythm, dance and loads of energy.

La Bomba de Tiempo

This is a tribal party where sounds come mostly from the drums and the added elements of dance music. La Bomba de Tiempo is a tropical cocktail with a mix of Indian, Moroccan, Brazilian, Argentinean and African sounds. Read the rest of this page »

Views 04 Mar Argentine Gaucho Culture in San Antonio de Areco
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Buenos Aires is a lot more livable than most other big cities I´ve been to, but sometimes you still just need to get out of town. I realized as much last month when the heavy urbanity of the capital started to really weigh on me. Now, I´m a city girl and have only lived in cities. But for me, sane city dwelling must be interjected by quick jaunts to clean air and open skies. And so it was last weekend that I found myself at Retiro station boarding a bus headed for San Antonio de Areco.

It’s a two hour journey to Areco, which is just enough time to watch the scenery turn from concrete urban density to the classically flat green lushness of the Argentine campo. When my husband and I got off the bus, we instantly felt at peace. Walking the few blocks from the bus station to the center we were so pleased to breathe the clear air, and our pace slowed as we released the city rush and accomodated to the much slower rhythm of the pampas.

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Views 06 Feb Mountains near Cordoba (Argentina)
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Aliens, dark memories and folklore in the Cordoban mountains

If you visit Buenos Aires during the hot summer months, the heat and pollution can sometimes be a little too much. Why not then go for a short trip to the mountains near Cordoba for some air a tad cleaner and cooler. This area hosts a number of small towns popular among Argentineans as holiday destinations, and there are a lot of different things to see and do .

Inca Trail Peru Day 3

The town of Capilla del Monte lies at the foot of Mount Uritorco, reaching slightly less than 2000 meters above sea level. There are hotels and swimming pools in the town, but it is the mountain that attracts many visitors, due to its supposedly extra high levels of energy and that it has been visited by extraterrestrials…Supernatural or not, alien landing site or not, the scenery of the mountain is very beautiful none the less, both to look at from a distance and as an area for hiking. And one may also find the many salespersons and shops offering various new age items such as crystals and talismans quite entertaining as well.

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Views 28 Ene Estancia ‘La Cina Cina’
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If you need a break from the crowded city-life of Buenos Aires, a traditional ESTANCIA is where you need togo. I went to estancia La Cina Cina, near the little and picturesque town San Antonio de Areco. I went with three friends for an overnight from Sunday till Monday.

What we found at de estancia was peace, quietness, silence, a different landscape and some more quietness. Free use of the swimming pool was included as well as optional horseback riding, biking and a gaucho show on Sunday.

We got a warm welcome from Manuel, whom is, we thought, the landlord. He told us also what the best places in San Antonio are to have snacks, dinner and lunch (and he was right about it!).

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La Feria de MataderosIf you have come to visit Buenos Aires and want a taste of the Argentinean country then do not skip the Mataderos market. This market represents where this ´feria´ city and country meet and join together.

It is a great alternative to the more central markets of Buenos Aires such as the ones in Recoleta and San Telmo. These markets are rapidly turning into tourist traps with a lot of hustle and bustle along with higher prices.  However, the Mataderos market will offer you a lovely day in the country side, full of cultural immersion, perfect for a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

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